My Girl

I had to share what my 4 year old created with Voki – I am excited about her future aspirations!

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Benefits of Blogging

While reading about the ‘how to’s’ and ‘why’s’ of blogging in the classroom; I have come across three reoccuring statements about the benefits of blogging:
* Blogging is highly motivating to students; especially those who may not normally participate in open class discussions.

* Blogging promotes more opportunities to read and write.

* Blogging can be utilized as a form of collaboration (within the class or with other classes around the globe) and discussions – again, allowing an avenue for students to express themselves.

The Many Uses of Blogs

There are so many different ways to utilize blogs in your classroom.  What are your thoughts? Anything to add?

1. Classroom Management – create a blog to post:
                          * class requirements
                          * class syllabus
                          * presentations
                          * handouts
                          * podcasts
                          * rubrics
                          * assignments
                          * notices/announcements
                          * question/answer board
                          * communicatin portal for parents

2. Collaboration – create a blog to collaborate and showcase learning with others.
3. Discussions – create a blog to foster discussion on a varity of topics pertaining to your content area.
4. E-Portfolios – create a blog to showcase students work:
                          * Creative writing
                          * podcasts
                          * multimedia creations
                          * other documents

Other ideas for integrating blogs into your curriculum:
– Students take turns on writing ‘Weekly Reviews’ on a book that is being read in class, or a movie, a television special, etc.
– Students post lab entries to collaborate and discuss scienctific experiements and discovery
– Practice critqueing a website and providing rationale
– Students create a newspaper story covering a district event – include pictures
– Role play and discuss different perspectives: when studying geology – write as though they are the rock; when studying history – blog or post a podcast as a person from the past.

My personal favorite is showcasing various Web 2.0 creations.

Speaking of big fish…..

As narrated by my son…..

The Biggest Fish in the Lake

This story reminds me of my dad and my kids – What a great resource for books! This is great to use on an interactive white board, too!

EDUSIM 3D in your class.

Have you heard of EDUSIM? This is a great program to utilize with your interactive white board!

Great Sites from DEN National Institute!

Thanks so much for those brave STARS that shared some great sites!




These are just a few – LookyBook and Storyline are GREAT resources for reading. Dipity allows you to create timelines with images and videos.

Who Wants a Hamburger?

What to catch your students’ attention? Embed this graphic organizer into your blog from:

It is an interactive tool, so your students can type on the hamburger from your blog.

Check it out!!

Click here for full screen version