MACUL 2009 Networking Social Invitation

MACUL 2009 Networking Social

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Discovery at METC 2009

METC 2009

Can’t wait to see everyone at the Midwest Educational Technology Conference in St. Charles this year.  Discovery has a corporate room this year, with presentations running both days in the Junior C room.  If you’re a STAR Discovery Educator and interested in presenting during our “Pulling it all Together” or “A Walk with the STARs” sessions, please fill out the below form.

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Tuesday, January 27

Consumers to Creators: How to Teach Today’s Students - Grand C – 10:50 – 11:40 AM

Wednesday, January 28

An Administrator’s Guide to Fostering a Learning Environment Grand B – 10:50 – 11:40 AM

What’s So Different about a 21st Century Student?  – Grand A – 1:00 – 1:50 PM


Wednesday, January 28

Digital Storytelling, Frame by Frame  – D2 – 1:00 – 1:50 PM

Roundtrip Tickets Anywhere: Google Earth in Education  – D1 – 2:20 – 3:10 PM

STAR Discovery Educator Presentations: A Must See!

Moving Beyond Here & Now with DE streaming – Tuesday – 2:20 PM

Presenters: Stephanie Madlinger & Kim Lindskog

Corporate Room Schedule – Junior C Conference Room

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beyond the Stream
Mike Bryant 9:45 AM
Take a close look at Discovery streaming. Learn all about the hidden treasures of the site as well as the most recent updates. See how teachers and students are integrating it into their current curriculum by looking at their samples and learn how to create your own.
Pulling It All Together
STAR DEN Members 10:50 AM
As an extension to Beyond the Stream, come see several teacher and student samples and learn how to create your own.

Director’s Cut – Maximizing Movie Maker and Premiere Elements
Mike Bryant 1:00 PM
Learn how to use Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premier Elements to integrate video, image, and sound resources. Students can rewrite video narration, add themselves into the video, add special effects, mix very cool titles and more!

Getting Your Hands Dirty with Discovery Education Science
Brad Fountain 2:20 PM
Want to really get your student engaged and involved? See how Discovery’s newest product has made it easy for anytime anywhere access to interactive activities like Virtual Labs, and Science Simulators, as well as video, reading passages, and a formative assessment.

The Builders, Brick by Brick
Justin Karkow 3:25 PM
Dive deeper into DE streaming’s treasure chest and explore the Builders.  Learn how to create digital writing prompts that match your curriculum, create true/false and multiple choice quizzes that DE streaming grades for you, and how to assign students videos.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beyond the Stream
Justin Karkow 9:45 AM
Take a close look at Discovery streaming. Learn all about the hidden treasures of the site as well as the most recent updates. See how teachers and students are integrating it into their current curriculum by looking at their samples and learn how to create your own.

A Walk with the STARs
STAR DEN Members 10:50 AM
STAR Discovery Educators share the latest and greatest Discovery Education streaming and Web 2.0 tips and tricks!

Are You Smarter than a Fourth Grader?
Donna Neblett  1:00 PM
Come test your fourth grade math skills……with a twist? Join the fun as you compete with colleagues using interactive assessment with results you can use as we simply the “testing” world into simple color codes reports you can easily use to guide classroom instruction.

The ABCs (and D) of Professional Development
Mike Bryant 2:20 PM
You’ve got questions? We’ve got opportunities. We’ll take a look at all of the different professional development opportunities you have access to through Discovery Education streaming and the Discovery Educator Network. Learn how you can maximize your learning by taking advantage of all the DEN has to offer.

Do You Have the Audacity to Podcast?
Justin Karkow 3:25 PM
Learn how to create your own podcast in less that 5 minutes with the FREE program “Audacity” (PC and MAC). Learn new and creative ways to increase reading fluency and integrate your curriculum. See how easy it is to jump on the Podcasting train that is sweeping through classrooms

View and download the schedule below.

IETC 2008 DEN Event

Click here for a Special Invitation to the IETC DEN Networking Reception this Thursday, November 20.

Engaging Ideas Found Here!!

“I <3 Discovery”

September is jam packed full of events that can provide you with invaluable tools for your class.  Virtual to in-person, I guarantee there’s an event just for you.  Live in the Midwest?  Then, you must come to our Midwest Regional Conference.  Space is limited and we’re almost at capacity, so register below soon.

 Upcoming Events

Virtual – Webinars(Click Below to Register)

September 10 7:00pm EST – Discovery Education streaming: New Features and Benefits with Justin Karkow

September 15  7:00pm EST – Discovery Education streaming: Getting the Ball Rolling with Mike Bryant

September 16 7:00pm EST – DEN State of the Union Address

September 17 7:00pm EST – EdTechConnect featuring Tim Magner

September 23 8:00am EST – 8:00pm EST – 3rd Annual Streamathon!

September 30 7:oopm EST – Boot Camp: Basic DE streaming

 In-Person DEN Events

September 15 – Consolidated School Districts DE Science Event, St. Louis, MO

September  20 – 21:  Midwest Regional Conference, Glen Ellyn, IL

September 27 – Milwaukee Public Schools in Cooperation with CESA #1 Day of Discovery, Milwaukee, WI

Back Home and Back to the Basics


Sitting here at Logan International Airport in Boston awaiting my flight back to Chicago. Able to check off another on my list of things to do, attend a National NSTA Conference. I couldn’t have picked a better year to go. This year’s conference was held in Boston. I met a ton of great teacher scientists. I even got a few minutes to walk the exhibit hall floor, seeking out the latest and greatest for science education.

I was surprised by the number vendors selling simple gadgets for the classroom. Ex. fake snow, mentos loaders for diet coke bottles(if not familiar click here), strong magnets in tennis balls, etc… This got me thinking, actually it made me smile and laugh. I felt like a kid again, amazed by science, able to forget those annoying questions like, “What catalyst are they using? Is that just poly-vinyl-alcohol? Did this guy try and sell my Sea Monkeys?” Letting go and becoming a kid again allowed me to enjoy science, remembering it was these simple demonstrations that kept my attention, leading to my ultimate degree in science. A day later came the thinking.

It’s very easy for us to forget what it’s like to not know. In Made to Stick , authors Chip and Dan Heath talk about this “curse of knowledge”. Chip and Dan talk about it in context of a failure to communicate in business, thus your idea fails to stick. I’m sure you’ve experienced this. Example from the book.

The curse of knowledge was explored in 1990 by a PhD candidate named Elizabeth Newton

For her dissertation, Newton asked participants to tap the rhythm of a well-known tune. The tappers predicted that listeners would be able to identify the songs 50 percent of the time, whereas in reality the listeners could only figure out the tune about 3 percent of the time. The reason for the disconnect, Kruger says, is that tappers would inevitably “hear” the whole, orchestrated tune in their minds as they tapped, whereas listeners heard only an irregular series of taps.†

My goal with this blog is provide the basics, the simple steps for beginners and those that may have forgotten. Many of the initial posts here will reference the great work Matt Monjan has done over at Streaming A to Z. Beyond streaming, we’ll take a look at the easy to use web2.0 sites. Lots of printable one-sheeters for you to have and share with other teachers in your school and district.

I hope you’ll join me here a Basically Speaking as we learn or review great tools together.

†Heath, Chip, and Dan Heath. Made to Stick. 1st ed. New York: Random House, 2007.