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SDP Principals: Welcome to 21st Century Teaching and Learning!!!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Will you be an expert when we are finished with you here today?Maybe in some eyes, maybe not Please go practice and learn more about 21st Century skills and how we can change the way we teach our students. 

Where are we headed in education…

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Where we are headed depends a lot on our elected officials.  We can hope for them to bring education out of the grips of politics, but that cannot happen unless we all do our part.  All educators must (just a little bit more thoughtfully than they are doing right now) become advocates of what it is that they do.This should not be a scary or difficult step.  We all do great things with our students and teachers:  let the world know about some of it.  Not all of us will become formal legislative contact persons for our school/organization.  Not all of us are going to invite local elected officials to a special event.  Not all of us are going to bring local school board members in for a canned look at what it is that we do. Everyone can and should take a little bit of time and effort to just let the world around them know about some of the great things they and their students are doing.  Easy and scalable to the comfort level of the individual educator.