5 things I would change about education..

  1. Parental and student responsibility (not because they are not, because they are not informed about their own roles on our common team)
  2. Lines of communication (no surprises from parents, colleagues,  politicians,  educational leadership).  All have a strong and equal voice.
  3. Appropriate and long-term evaluations (of progress, programs, supports, policies and procedures: W/Out emotional bias)
  4. Funding we can afford to apply that is fair and makes sense (I am not asking for socialism, just common definitions of reasonableness)
  5. Parenting classes beginning in 3rd grade (and parallel classes for parents who want to learn to do a better job)

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  1. Fantastic blog :) I’m very happy I wandered onto it through google, I’m going to need to add this one to the blogroll…

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