Presenting @ Day of Discovery

I had the honor of presenting two green screening sessions this morning at a Day of Discovery in Silver Spring, MD
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You will find many links to resources – one of them being a blog for putting your successes and frustrations out where others might benefit from your experience and/or where you might offer solutions. Please participate.

Now I sit in a session concentrating on teachers managing student access. Many targeted assignments, resources, assessments can be easily created and dispersed to students.
So far, I am pleased with how easily you can create separate groups for targeted differentiation (once all students have been added to the system)
You can assign on the fly, but more effectively you can assign content you have saved to your ‘My Content’ folder (where you have most likely perfected the assignment before putting it in there.
Remember assignments do not have to be created – many concept and/or standards based assignments have already been created and posted in Discovery.
Note: items already in Quiz Bank can be customized for differentiation as well.

Cynthia Brown kept the pace manageable for those not already familiar with the tools she was showing.

In the last session, Hall Davidson kept his record intact for me:  I learned at least one new thing (and have each and every time I have been to one of his sessions).  Oh, the things you can do…

I may have been there as a presenter, but I can attest to the fact that it indeed was a Day of Discovery!

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