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The (formal) end is near

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

June 24th, 2013 wil be my last day of work as an appointed employee of the School District of Philadelphia. 37 years as a Health Educator, Teacher of Computer Science, and Educational Technologist/Technology Integration Specialist. When it is time, you step aside and make room for your colleagues to fill in. I leave a school district in disarray, but a career I wouldn’t trade for anything. I still love what we to in the Office of Educational Technology, but I am smart enough to know when to walk out the door. My association with DEN has been one of the most rewarding parts of that (another is seeing many former students in front of classrooms). Thanks for being a part of my (formal) professional career. I am not leaving the DEN!

Who I thank for being in the DEN

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Tracey was the push to get me into the DEN. Her (then) school was one of my assigned schools. She made me assist her at a DEN training and now I have attended Summer Institutes and am on PA LC. I got even with her, though: I convinced her to join our department in support of more teachers and students than just one! We have presented together, attended Summer Institutes together, and work together on special projects. We have expanded our local DEN members to many, and still have fun!


Friday, May 20th, 2011


Presenting @ Day of Discovery

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

I had the honor of presenting two green screening sessions this morning at a Day of Discovery in Silver Spring, MD
My resources can be found @
You will find many links to resources – one of them being a blog for putting your successes and frustrations out where others might benefit from your experience and/or where you might offer solutions. Please participate.

Now I sit in a session concentrating on teachers managing student access. Many targeted assignments, resources, assessments can be easily created and dispersed to students.
So far, I am pleased with how easily you can create separate groups for targeted differentiation (once all students have been added to the system)
You can assign on the fly, but more effectively you can assign content you have saved to your ‘My Content’ folder (where you have most likely perfected the assignment before putting it in there.
Remember assignments do not have to be created – many concept and/or standards based assignments have already been created and posted in Discovery.
Note: items already in Quiz Bank can be customized for differentiation as well.

Cynthia Brown kept the pace manageable for those not already familiar with the tools she was showing.

In the last session, Hall Davidson kept his record intact for me:  I learned at least one new thing (and have each and every time I have been to one of his sessions).  Oh, the things you can do…

I may have been there as a presenter, but I can attest to the fact that it indeed was a Day of Discovery!

365 Challenge – My Way!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

see it all here:  I love taking pics (or seeing that pics get taken with minimum standard – more on that another time) and I loved seeing everyone’s pictures this past year, so I challenged myself to (almost) join and am doing my own, un-themed posting of a pic a day.  The first week’s set are posted, more complete info on each picture might be forthcoming (I have been asked to explain more about most of them already).Some of my friends out there are even using a weekly theme for their content – I am a free-wheeler and stream-of-consciousness kinda guy (yes, I CAN follow guidelines and rules, just choose not to whenever possible). Enjoy mine – go out and make your own set!

5 things I would change about education..

Monday, March 16th, 2009
  1. Parental and student responsibility (not because they are not, because they are not informed about their own roles on our common team)
  2. Lines of communication (no surprises from parents, colleagues,  politicians,  educational leadership).  All have a strong and equal voice.
  3. Appropriate and long-term evaluations (of progress, programs, supports, policies and procedures: W/Out emotional bias)
  4. Funding we can afford to apply that is fair and makes sense (I am not asking for socialism, just common definitions of reasonableness)
  5. Parenting classes beginning in 3rd grade (and parallel classes for parents who want to learn to do a better job)

SDP Principals: Welcome to 21st Century Teaching and Learning!!!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Will you be an expert when we are finished with you here today?Maybe in some eyes, maybe not Please go practice and learn more about 21st Century skills and how we can change the way we teach our students. 

Where are we headed in education…

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Where we are headed depends a lot on our elected officials.  We can hope for them to bring education out of the grips of politics, but that cannot happen unless we all do our part.  All educators must (just a little bit more thoughtfully than they are doing right now) become advocates of what it is that they do.This should not be a scary or difficult step.  We all do great things with our students and teachers:  let the world know about some of it.  Not all of us will become formal legislative contact persons for our school/organization.  Not all of us are going to invite local elected officials to a special event.  Not all of us are going to bring local school board members in for a canned look at what it is that we do. Everyone can and should take a little bit of time and effort to just let the world around them know about some of the great things they and their students are doing.  Easy and scalable to the comfort level of the individual educator. 

Hello World!

Friday, August 31st, 2007

It’s not about the technology…it’s not about me.

It is absolutely about the use of technology to support teaching and learning.

We need to use appropriate and creative ways to engage our students (and their parents) in  their own learning.  The DEN has helped me in this pursuit immensely:  the knowledge base of the DEN members and their unselfish willingness to share what they know and practice is one of the most powerful tools I have available to me in doing my job.


 So here I am, one week home from DEN National Institute, and I have yet to comprehend all that I absorbed in Silver Spring (spending the next week @ Bucknell for KTI Summit hasn’t afforded me the time).

One thing is for certain:  I was in GREAT company for the last two weeks.

 DEN participants and Summit Staff and Attendees are the most awesome giving group of educators on this planet.  I am proud to be part of the gang and even more proud to call them my friends and colleagues; knowing I can call upon them to assist me when I get stuck on something; knowing they will assist me with an idea; offering me suggestions without hesitation or worry ; knowing relevant and clear uses for all that we have shared (and will share).

Enough rambling tonight.