What a Summer

Summer is about half over and its been a busy one for me. Immediately after school let out I went to ISTE and about a week after returning I was fortunate to be able to attend DENSI 2011. Both events provided an overwhelming opportunity for professional growth and learning. It was my first time at both events and there were times that I felt lost and alone (quite a feat at ISTE given the sheer number of attendees). I think attending these type events is easier if you go with a friend.

I’ve been spending this past week trying to organize everything I learned – in hopes that I don’t forget more than half of it! I have begun sending a series of emails to teachers in my school with short descriptions of things I hope to be able to share with them in the coming year. I learned how to use Premier Elements to make a Stop Motion video at ISTE and how to use green screen at DENSI. While I think both have potential for my school, I think green screen will be easier to integrate into our curriculum, easier and less expensive since we wouldn’t have to buy any software. At DENSI I learned how much material is really available to us through DIscovery, and how to use that material with other apps to create mash-ups – I think my students will enjoy that technique.

My second email to the staff included a brief description of Google search videos – an interesting tool although I’m not sure how the students would make use of it. I sent them a copy of a BINGO sheet I got at DENSI, each square is a different option for project types. I modified the sheet to reflect PC options where the ones listed were MAC. I did notice at DENSI that most teachers were using MAC OS laptops – alongside their iPads.

Which brings me to the topic for my next post – tablets.

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