QR Treasure Hunt

QR codes have been popping up all over schools lately but did you know they don’t need to be limited to website links? As a matter of fact, you don’t even need Internet access! Using the QR Treasure Hunt site (http://classtools.net/QR/) you can create codes for a series of questions and answers that automatically generate as text on your QR code reader. Most QR code generators allow you to create encoded text, Classtools allows you to keep questions and answers together, create multiple codes at the same time and view them on the same page.
Hide the codes around your classroom or the school, divide your students into groups (each with a mobile phone or iPod touch – with cameras). The students decode the questions and write down their answers. the questions could be review, synthesis or requiring additional research. Students can even create their own hunts for their classmates to follow. For an excellent example of a Treasure Hunt used in conjunction with an investigative history project, check out ActiveHistory (http://www.activehistory.co.uk/Miscellaneous/menus/history_mystery/qr.php)


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