Apr 01

What is your favorite media content or tool within our Discovery Education Site.  Let me know which product you are using and what is your favorite media type or tool in Streaming, Science and/or Health.  If you use a item from the classroom resource tab on the home page, then tell me what your favorite item is from the pull down menus.  Thanks for taking a moment to comment.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Apr 01

Do you ever hear teachers say “Not ONE more thing!” Well, I want to keep moving forward and I have chosen one more thing to start to learn and practice.  Yes, my one more thing is to learn how to use my DEN Blog. I want to become more of a blogger. I have known about blogging for along time but have been busy learning about other tech tools and haven’t really focused on blogging. I finally decided to have a go at it. I feel that I really have a need to want to blog now. I think when you have a desire to want to know it then you are more motivated to embrace it. I am on the DEPD Team and I travel all around the country and it would be neat to have a place for teachers to reflect on their training and a place to write about their digital lesson successes with their students.  I invite any of the teachers that I have trained to write a post to me about how things are going with DE products such as Streaming, Science or Health.  Tell me what are some of the changes you have seen in your classrooms?

Aug 24

Teachers DON’T put those cameras away now that summer is ending and you have to go back to school.  Take pictures of your class and around your school on the first day of school. Then create a quick Digital Story with Photo Story 3 for PC users or iMovie for Mac users and WOW! your parents at Back-to-School Night with your techie talents.  Even if your Back-to -School Night is the same day using these quick applications can make a big difference when your parents walk into your classroom and see their child in a Movie from the first day of school. Do you think they will want to support you as a teacher with technology needs for your classroom? You bet! You show them that you care about making their child special from day one. This personal touch will be a great way to start your year. Don’t be afraid to try it.  Happy New School Year!

Link to the “FREE” download page to Microsoft’s Photo Story 3


I have done this myself for the last two years and my parents love it!

Aug 23

The DEN brings you in contact with teachers that have a passion to teach with integrating technology into their learning environments.  Meeting teachers that are excited about life-long learning and are so willing to share with one another.  I have attended many DEN social events and training events over the last three years and each one continues to help me grow in my teaching profession.  DEN provides excellent professional growth opportunities for educators. I have enjoyed many of the FREE webinars right from home. (no Travel needed) I have involved my students in the Astronauts webinars during the school day. If you haven’t experienced a webinar, please make it a goal to try one in this school year.

Hall Davidson and Steve Dembo are awesome presenters that inspire you to change your teaching practices and try using new learning tools. I consider Steve Dembo the KING of Web 2.0. This is my opinion and I am sticking to it.  

I am not the same teacher that I was four years ago. After meeting Jannita Demian and experiencing the first Western Regional DEN Conference at Sea World in San Diego, I returned to my classroom as a teachers that doesn’t go anywhere without a digital camera . I am always looking to capture images to create a digital story.  I learned not to be  afraid to put a digital camera in the hands of children to see what they would create. 

Another tool that I cannot teach without is a microphone attached to the computer, there is “speech magic” that takes place with students.  When I have a student record their voice and then hear it for the first time they start to giggle. This is a happy positive giggle. Many children have never heard their voices played back to them.  They automatically want to self edit their work. How many times do we struggle with students to make them read or to practice their reading? When you take out a microphone they want to read into the computer and they want to edit their mistakes. There work become ready for an authentic audience and now they want it to be done well. This is why I call it “speech magic”.  I have seen so many students transformed before my eyes with voice recordings. Some of the most shyest students completely change with a microphone. So I say let the magic begin!

Thank you Discovery for all the great training!