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Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Laura Smith on 31-08-2007

I’ve had this blog just sitting here in its “Hello World” state for so long!  But I just have to blog about last night, and I think maybe the folks here would understand my level of excitement. First of all, let me introduce myself.  My name is Laura Pilker, and I am a Tech Coordinator/Computer Teacher at a small private school called Trinity Lutheran, in a small town called Joppa, in Harford County, Maryland. 

Now, imagine me, small town girl, squeezed between Hall Davidson and Kathy Schrock in the back of Matt Monjan’s SUV, after having dinner with them, Scott Kinney, and other prospective members of the Maryland DEN Leadership Committee.  Oh, and beating Kathy Schrock in Bocce Ball. (sorry, Kathy! lol)

Can you say surreal?  I felt like a fangirl at a rock concert!  Well, seriously, it was really cool meeting them- I have admired their work and seen them give keynotes and workshops and webinars… and I couldn’t help but be excited.  It was a fun evening, and I look forward to working with everyone in the future.

If you have somehow stumbled upon this, I hope for you to hear more from me in the future- we are in the process of setting up a Maryland DEN LC, so when you look at the state pages on the side of the DEN homepage, we will put Maryland on the map soon!  If you are from MD, send a comment my way!  I love to hear from other educators near me and look forward to many more networking opportunities in the future.

I just might challenge YOU to a game of Bocce!



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