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It’s kinda funny, this blogging phenomenon.  Everyone and their brother seems to have a blog on the web about some random thing.  I’ve been trying out different blog sites for personal and professional use and have been reading other blogs for ideas and inspiration.  I have found blogs on everything… and some that seem to be about nothing.

Some funny ones: (a collection of, well, notes, that people have photographed and sent in). Also (a heartwarming and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny account of the trials and tribulations of motherhood and family life).

There are so many blogs out there in cyberspace, it makes me wonder… who reads all that?  Who really cares?  Why am I posting here if there is so much blah blah blah on the web that there is no way it can all ever be read?

I guess the answer is, that we all want to be heard.  We all want to feel that our opinions matter to someone.  Even if no one ever reads my blog, at least I was brave enough to put my thoughts out there for all (or some) to see.  At least I got it off my chest, even if no one is really listening. 

Is anyone listening…?

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