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It’s that time of year again… the doldrum days after Christmas.  At least on the 26th you can joke around and say “Merry Day After Christmas!” and it’s mildly funny (okay, maybe not).  But when you hit the 27, 28th, 29th… it’s just sad. 

I had a fairly good Christmas this year, relatively speaking.  There is quite a bit of personal turmoil going on in my life, but at least for a few moments I was able to experience the joy of the season.  One of the highlights for me was the candlelight mass at the church where I work.  After communion, they turned out all the lights, and we all lit our candles, and sang “O Holy Night” and “Silent Night.”  The beautiful setting, the glow of the candles, looking around the church at the sea of lights and hearing one of my favorite songs… it was pure magic.  I think that was my Christmas “moment” this year.  You know when you think back to Christmases past, the memories that stand out in your mind?  Those are your Christmas “moments,” the things that make it really special for you.  (Note to self: Start keeping track of these moments; maybe I can gather enough of them and create the ultimate Christmas including every one…)

And then Christmas day is over, and the magic starts to fade.  At least it’s not as bad for me this year as in previous years.  I don’t know if it’s having two active children keeping me busy that keeps my mind off of it, or if I just wasn’t expecting that much out of this Christmas, so having a good one was enough to sustain me for a few extra days.

Each year, I wonder why this happens.  Why do we feel so bad?  Do other people feel this way, too?  I’m sure they must.  I can’t think of any other time of year filled with so much anticipation- and I guess all that buildup has to turn into letdown when the buildup is over.  I feel like we are at the bottom of a hill on a great roller coaster.  Right now, we are kinda stuck in a valley.  We need to do something fun to start pushing us up the hill, or we’ll never get enough momentum to get us through the dull, dreary days of January and February.

Merry day after day after day after Christmas! 

Yep, sad.

Finding a niche…

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Blogging is becoming so cliche.  Like I said, EVERYBODY seems to have a blog.  So the conundrum is, what do I blog about that is different from everybody else?  How do I stand out from the crowd?

I’ve found blogs about how to start your own blog, (redundancy, anyone?) and, basically the advice is to go with what you know.  To pick a topic that you are interested in, or know a lot about; hopefully both! 

So, since at this point I am basically talking to myself, seeing as I seem to have no readers, I’m going to use this post as a little stream of conscious recording device to consider all the topics I could potentially discuss with some semblance of authority.

Hmm… I have kids…crazy kids…kids who drive me crazy…work full time AND attempt to raise said crazy kids without going completely crazy…volunteer on my homeowner’s board of directors…who keep raising our HOA fees…but I digress…volunteer as a Girl Scout leader…wow, is that a lot harder than i thought it would be…hmm…my job…i’m a computer teacher…and i fix the computers…unless i don’t know how to fix something and then somebody with more money to pay for graduate classes training fixes it…i also write curriculum and wish there were more hours in the day to teach the kids all the cool things there are out there on the internet and plan and grade papers and upkeep the website and teach and fix and search for lesson plan ideas and put up bulletin boards…okay enough about my job…how about hobbies…i’m a wannabe amateur photographer with no time to perfect my photography skills and no willing subjects…my kids run every time they see me with the camera…i also love scrapbooking…and i swear if there is ever a fire in my house i will instruct my husband to get the kids out and i will go get the scrapbooks. 

wow, my life in a nutshell.  pretty crazy, I know.  I will revisit this post and decide on something…

in the meantime, i’m going to have my students help me with an experiment.  My hypothesis?  That there is a blog about almost any subject they can think of.  Oh, do I have any hope of being original?  I don’t know.  But I’ll see if I can get them to post their results here and test my hypothesis.

Cool Links

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First of all, let me just say that I could. not. live. without  I love any thing that makes it easier for me to remember things.  Every time I find a webpage that I want to remember, I just pop it in my delicious links and it’s so easy to find, whether I’m at work or at home.  I love the tagging feature- it’s kind of like a virtual file cabinet, putting all my links into neat little boxes of related items.

So, here are some of the websites that I have added to my delicious links lately:

1. – I am a magazine ripper.  I confess!  I rip pages out of magazines like I am actually going to read them again, and store them in little folders, which are now overflowing with scraps of paper that I never read.  In an effort to save trees and clean up some of the clutter in my life, provides a virtual magazine ripper!  you sign up for an online subscription (free if you already get the print version) to any magazines you want, and then choose the pages you want to “rip” and save in your “My Stuff” folder.  Genius!

2. PBS Parents ( – Lots of info about all kinds of kid-related topics, from how to improve your childrens’ manners at the dinner table to games and recipes for every season and holiday.

3. The Week in Rap ( – The news from the past week… in Rap!  (What did you expect?)

4. – Make your own books!  About anything you want! A completely custom made book with your own pictures and text starts at about $13!  That is so cool!

that’s all for now- more to come as I find more cool stuff…

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