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Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Laura Smith on 12-12-2008

Blogging is becoming so cliche.  Like I said, EVERYBODY seems to have a blog.  So the conundrum is, what do I blog about that is different from everybody else?  How do I stand out from the crowd?

I’ve found blogs about how to start your own blog, (redundancy, anyone?) and, basically the advice is to go with what you know.  To pick a topic that you are interested in, or know a lot about; hopefully both! 

So, since at this point I am basically talking to myself, seeing as I seem to have no readers, I’m going to use this post as a little stream of conscious recording device to consider all the topics I could potentially discuss with some semblance of authority.

Hmm… I have kids…crazy kids…kids who drive me crazy…work full time AND attempt to raise said crazy kids without going completely crazy…volunteer on my homeowner’s board of directors…who keep raising our HOA fees…but I digress…volunteer as a Girl Scout leader…wow, is that a lot harder than i thought it would be…hmm…my job…i’m a computer teacher…and i fix the computers…unless i don’t know how to fix something and then somebody with more money to pay for graduate classes training fixes it…i also write curriculum and wish there were more hours in the day to teach the kids all the cool things there are out there on the internet and plan and grade papers and upkeep the website and teach and fix and search for lesson plan ideas and put up bulletin boards…okay enough about my job…how about hobbies…i’m a wannabe amateur photographer with no time to perfect my photography skills and no willing subjects…my kids run every time they see me with the camera…i also love scrapbooking…and i swear if there is ever a fire in my house i will instruct my husband to get the kids out and i will go get the scrapbooks. 

wow, my life in a nutshell.  pretty crazy, I know.  I will revisit this post and decide on something…

in the meantime, i’m going to have my students help me with an experiment.  My hypothesis?  That there is a blog about almost any subject they can think of.  Oh, do I have any hope of being original?  I don’t know.  But I’ll see if I can get them to post their results here and test my hypothesis.


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