Reversing Progress…

Filed Under (Home) by Laura Smith on 10-07-2009

This is somewhat random, but I’ve been thinking- isn’t it funny that some of the progress we’ve made in the past 50 years or so is now being reversed?  Now, I’m not talking about everything.  Just some little things that I’ve noticed.  For example: Plastic bags.  Oh, they were so cool!  So convenient!  And now we are going back to using totes or sacks instead (or at least we should be!  I’m talking to you, lady at the grocery store with 20 plastic bags that you are going to throw out!).

When it comes to washing clothes, did you know that some estimates state that about 1/4 of our household energy usage comes from doing laundry?  Much of that is used to heat the water in the washing machine.  So now many people are going back to washing in cold water and hanging clothes out to dry.

With the recent emphasis on greener living, what other ways are you going “old school” to help our environment?  And how do we reconcile progress with environmental responsibility? 

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