My Tweets for 2009-11-14

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  • getting ready for the keynote at #PUWT #
  • from tony vincent keynote at #puwt: 20 hrs of video uploaded to youtube every MINUTE! #
  • oooh- if you want to download a youtube video, go to the vid you want and add the word kick before youtube. then you can download! #
  • @thetechtiger follow me! lol- I’m starting to post info about MD LC events. we need to let more MD teachers know about our LC! #
  • or is that just our row that loves Discovery? hahaha #puwt #
  • i need to buy a better microphone so we can do podcasts in my lab! any suggestions? #
  • squeeezed into session 2- The Teacher’s Internet #puwt #
  • i hate laser pointers…#puwt #
  • arrived early for Tony Vincent’s hands-on workshop at #puwt. good thing! it’s crowded and ppl are still pouring in! #

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