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Today I attended the PUWT conference at Dr. Henry Wise, Jr. High School in Prince George’s County.

What a beautiful school!  I hope the students appreciate it as much as I did!  Every classroom and space I went to was unique and wonderfully conducive to learning in its own way.

Okay, enough about the building and on to the conference!  The best part by far was the keynote, expertly given by Tony Vincent, a former Fifth Grade teacher and Technology Coordinator and now an educational consultant.  I liked it because it was different from other keynotes I’ve recently heard…it was fresh, relevant, fun, inspiring, and educational all at the same time.  Below are my notes from the keynote:

Keynote- Tony Vincent-fmr classroom tchr and sch tech specialist

-website- tonysite.info

-class website- Planet 5th

-willowWeb school site

podcast: radio WillowWeb

-web 2.0- marketing term- interactive web

-Google trends- type in a term and see the incidents of that term appearing on the internet

-youtube- fully based on user content – 20hrs of vid uploaded every minute

-hundreds of vids on youtube about how to cheat

-i.e.cut a notch out of an eraser and glue in a mini cheat sheet, writing on the inside of a water bottle label, increasing the size of periods on a term paper, writing on a stretched rubber band, etc.

-why do they cheat?  lazy? unchallenged? creativity not being funneled appropriately? see no value in the information?

-should we let students create cheat sheets?  gives them a chance to summarize, assess their own knowledge, decide what is most important.

-kickyoutube.com- lets you download youtube vids-

.info domain- only costs 89cents as opposed to $10 for a .com

-wiki- means quick in hawaiian – named after shuttle buses in Hawaii

-teampedia- icebreaker activities

-skype in schools

-mrs abernethy’s techno tigers – class wiki

-teacher wiki leads to student wikis they collaborate on

-can use a wiki to create a choose your own adventure story

-tinyurl.com- shortens URLs.  other options- bit.ly, is.gd, j.mp.  

or you could use hugeurl.com to make it HUGE!

-Authenticity-make work personal for students

-collect student data using a Google Spreadsheet

-delicious- social bookmarking *PREACHING TO THE CHOIR- I LOVE DELICIOUS!*


Novelty and Variety – new makes it interesting!

-host a game show in your classroom!

-Tony created a powerpoint template called Who Wants to be a Winner (search for it on google)

-you can search for game show templates-jeopardylabs.com- premade templates- everything happens in the web browser including keeping score

-use lightup discoball when you have a winner!

-Oriental Trading for prizes

Protection from Adverse consequences for Initial Failures – give students time to practice

-online quizzes (see tonysite.info)

-flashcards (flashcardDB.com)- no login necessary

Recording podcasts- you could record a “studycast” to tell students what to study for the next test

-mathtrain.tv- videos made by students about math

-voicethread- combine visuals and text and get comments on your video

-comics-comiqs.com, pixton.com,

-zooming presentations-prezi.com- new way to give visual presentations

Summary- Technology engages students and makes it so they don’t WANT to cheat!

There are a couple of really cool new tricks in there that I will be exploring, and then going into more detail on in another post.  So stay tuned for more from the PUWT conference!


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