My Tweets for 2010-01-31

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  • ROFL! Hitler and the iPad. “How am I supposed to play Bloons!!!!” #
  • ROFL! Hitler and the iPad. “How am I supposed to play Bloons!!!!” (warning- language nsfw) #

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My bookmarks for January 29th through January 31st

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These are my links for January 29th through January 31st:

My Tweets for 2010-01-28

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  • HAHAHA! I wish I could put this up at work, but it’s a little off-color for a Christian School! #

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My bookmarks for January 28th

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These are my links for January 28th:

My Tweets for 2010-01-27

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  • love this quote…”May your troubles be less, Your blessings be more, And nothing but happiness come through your door.” #
  • ha ha this is hilarious! Let Me Google That For You… #
  • multitasking!- teaching second grade, 8th grade is on a few comps working, 6th grade is in printing, dh is texting me, and I’m tweeting! #

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My bookmarks for January 25th through January 27th

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These are my links for January 25th through January 27th:

  • KneeBouncers | Free Toddler, Preschool, Educational Games and Fun – Invented by a Dad for his 9 month old baby, this collection of games is easy and engaging for even the youngest computer users.
  • Spiro Draw – this is so much fun! I might have my students see if they can replicate such a design in Scratch
  • Writing Fun by Jenny Eather- – helping kids write using text organizers
  • Brain Honey – BrainHoney is the easiest way for anyone to
    quickly and effectively leverage online learning
  • Den Cam and Updates – Live video feed of a hibernating bear and her cubs.  
  • Cool Cat Teacher Blog: How do I easily add tags to my blog? – A list of ways to add tags to your blog posts
  • 5 Ways To Enhance Instruction with Digital Narratives — THE Journal – Tech vets go toe-to-toe on the latest tools that can improve instruction, boost productivity, or just help make users’ lives a bit more organized.
  • Kathy Cassidy — Blogmeister – Just recently found out about Mrs. Cassidy’s amazing first grade class- what an inspiration she and her students are!
  • Online Typing for Kids | Bits and Pieces Place – This blogger says:”I am always on the lookout for fun typing games for my students. Here are a few that I have found.”

    A few?!?!?!  WOW!!!! these are awesome!

  • – – Online Multimedia Educational Games for Kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary Grades
  • Welcome to NBC Learn – The Olympics are coming up- click “Original Video” and then “The Science of the Olympic Winter Games” for science related videos about the physics, biology, chemistry, and math behind the winter games.
  • TrackStar : Home – TrackStar is your starting point for online lessons and activities. Simply collect Web sites, enter them into TrackStar, add annotations for your students, and you have an interactive, online lesson called a Track. Create your own Track or use one of the hundreds of thousands already made by other educators. Search the database by subject, grade, or theme and standard for a quick and easy activity. There is a fun Track already made for each day of the year, too!
  • The Gates Notes – want to know what’s going on inside Bill Gates’ head? check it out here…

Cheating- Where do we draw the line?

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In this age of global collaboration and digital access, the way we process and use information has changed.  It is not as critical to memorize facts, because just about anything can be looked up on the Internet!  I have been telling my students for years:”I don’t expect you to know everything, but I do expect you to know HOW TO FIND IT!”

An interesting thing happened at my school this week.  Two of the best and most well-behaved students in the school were suspended for cheating.  It seemed so innocent- the one student asked the other to see her paper, and she gave it to her.  To be fair, I’m not sure of the exact details, whether the one girl had not done her work and was copying, or whether she was checking her answers- but I know the teachers would not have suspended them if it was not serious.  You see, we have a no-tolerance policy when it comes to two things- bullying and cheating.

So, about cheating…I’m wondering where we draw the line?  I recently read a post by Shelly Terrell in which she mentioned possibly encouraging your students to use their cell phones during tests because “your classmates are your lifelines.”  I’m not disagreeing, it just made me think.  Other teachers give tests and allow the students to look up answers on the internet while they work.  So how is this okay in some schools, but in others the simple act of peeking at someone else’s paper gets you suspended?  If students can get help from their friends and the internet during a test, what IS cheating anymore?I’m not sure I know the answer to this question.  What do you think?

My Tweets for 2010-01-25

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  • @lizbdavis how do you work the tweets- as a class from one account, or do individuals get a turn? #
  • @dmantz got me thinking about Montessori – used 2 resist this, but as a parent I encourage it. I think there needs 2 b a balance, though… #

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My Tweets for 2010-01-22

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  • trying to finalize getting all of my students signed up on FCP- we have thin clients and they are messing up our sign-ins! grrr #

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My Tweets for 2010-01-21

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  • just finished my Flat Classroom meeting- I’m already overwhelmed! learning new things is always difficult, but I’m up for the challenge! #
  • ok, @coolcatteacher, you’ve made me a Diigo convert! I love the way you can save highlighted text in your bookmarks! #
  • @web20classroom it shouldn’t be turn it off. It should be- use it appropriately and with purpose! #

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