My bookmarks for May 12th through May 14th

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These are my links for May 12th through May 14th:

My Tweets for 2010-05-12

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  • What, Pres. Obama? “information is a distraction?” Information IS EMPOWERMENT! Tweet for EDTECH! #
  • Don’t let this happen- Vote for Ed Tech funding! #edtech #

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You Can’t Do That On The Internet!

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I was inspired by a post from Lee Kolbert, and a subsequent post in my RSS feed from Richard Byrne, both of whom I look up to immensely, to write about the topic of banning websites in schools.This is a touchy topic.  And one I can see both sides of.  Right now, in my school, Facebook and YouTube are blocked.  And Lee has me re-thinking that decision.  You see, I got lazy.  Instead of dealing with the behaviors, I removed the chance for students to use these sites for the right reasons.  Now, I don’t want the students watching clips from “Family Guy” when they are supposed to be researching communicable diseases in science class, but that doesn’t mean we should completely block YouTube!  There are so many educational and inspirational videos that are now off limits to students and teachers because of the bad choices of a few students.  I mean, some students have, in the past, poked each other with their pencils.  Should we outlaw pencils?  Of course not, that would be silly.  There is an excellent “fake warning” out there on the internet somewhere about the dangers of the pencil as a communication tool (if someone knows where I could find that, let me know in the comments!  I’ve since lost track of it…)Rather, we should spend the time teaching the students how to make good choices about appropriate technology use, and the right time and place to access such materials.  They won’t be protected by filters forever, and they need to know how to handle the big wide world of the internet on their own someday.Plus, they find ways around the blocks.  My 6th graders showed me that by inserting an “s” after the HTTP in Facebook’s URL, they can easily get around the filter.  Uh, whoops!  Time to remove the blocks and take the time to teach the tough lessons.  Time to stop making everyone suffer for the bad choices of a select few.  Time to free the ‘net!

My bookmarks for May 10th

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These are my links for May 10th:

My bookmarks for May 7th

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These are my links for May 7th:

My bookmarks for April 22nd through May 6th

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These are my links for April 22nd through May 6th:

  • Launch Ball – fun game which teaches design, engineering, and critical thinking
  • Stage’D! – Stage’d is a digital toy for creating animated comics.
  • Teachers Network: Effective Teachers – Effective teaching is the key to student achievement, but how do we keep effective teachers in the classroom and best support them in order to provide the highest quality education for all students? Answers provided through a groundbreaking Teachers Network survey, funded by the Ford Foundation, show that effective teaching is more the result of continued professional development, support for teacher collaboration, and opportunities for leadership. We welcome you?and encourage you to join in on the conversation!
  • Netop21st Century Classroom – Grants, free software, and prizes available!
  • Educators – National Wildlife Federation – To inspire the next generation of environmental stewards we need to reconnect children to the outdoors, and help them to learn about nature, wildlife, science and what they can do to make a difference in their world.  This website has ideas for teachers and parents to get kids off the couch and out into nature!

My Tweets for 2010-05-04

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  • @joejonas May the Force be with you #
  • Second Lifers- join us tomorrow night 5pm SLT for Cinco De Mayo! SLURL- #

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