5 Ways to Encourage Colleagues to Use Technology

Filed Under (Work) by Laura Smith on 20-09-2010

1. Show them how YOU use it to make your life easier!  Do you have a tech tool that cuts down your prep time, grading time, searching time?  Share it with others!

2.  Share something FUN!  I went geocaching for the first time in my life this summer.  I had so much fun I wanted to go right out and buy my own GPS unit!

3. Focus on the teaching aspect, not the technology.  That is to say- don’t make it all about the technology tools.  Yes, insertcoolwebsitehere.com might be a great website, but what are students going to LEARN by using that site?

4. Take it S..L..O..W… I try to follow the 1-1-1 Rule.  1 new thing, with 1 class (or subject area) for 1 week.  That way you are not overwhelmed.

5. Let the STUDENTS teach!  Assign each student a web 2.0 website and have them demonstrate learning of a subject by creating a project with that site.  Then have them share with the class not just what they learned, but how they created their project.


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