Tuesday’s Tech Tip…better late than never!

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I have been wanting to write about this one for a while, but I wanted to take the time to include screenshots, so here we go:

I have found very little information on the internet about file management in computer lab classes.  So here is what I do to keep things organized.  My Lab has 1 teacher workstation, 29 student workstations, and two servers.lab1.JPG

One of the servers runs the grading and student record system, and the other one runs the lunch ordering program and holds all the shared student and teacher file storage.

On the file server is where I keep a folder called “Students.”  On every computer in the lab, I mapped a network drive to this folder.  Then I put a link to it on the desktop.

Here are the steps if you have never mapped a drive before-

1. Go to Start-My Computer.  Click Tools-Map Network Drive.


2.  Set the letter you want your drive to be (I chose “S” for Students), then browse through the network list to find your shared drive.  Click “Ok” then “Finish.”mapnet2.png

3. Back in the My Computer window, right click the new network drive you just created and click “Create Shortcut.”  It will ask if you want this shortcut on the desktop, click OK.mapnet3.png

So now you can access this shared folder from each of your lab computers.  In it, I made a folder for each grade, and then subfolders for each teacher.When I have a file for the students to work on, I place that file in the appropriate folder and then make 29 copies of it (one for every computer in my lab).  Each monitor has a number sticker on it, and the students open the copy number that matches that sticker.  This works especially well for the kindergarteners who don’t have the skills yet to browse the network to find the right place to save their files.  Eventually, throughout the year, I teach the students how to find the “Student Drive” on their own, but this strategy saves me a lot of time and heartache at the beginning of the year.

How do you organize your files?


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