Introducing Quest Atlantis to my students…

Filed Under (Work) by Laura Smith on 24-09-2010

For the next few weeks, I will use the Friday Game-Related posts to chronicle the introduction of Quest Atlantis to my 5th grade Computer class.

QA is an online learning adventure game created by the Indiana University’s Center for Research on Learning and Technology.  They promote the concept of Transformational Play, or how learning through play can strengthen learning connections and make the learning experience more fun, enriching, and authentic.  Within the 3d world, students become researchers, historians, doctors, mathematicians, and so much more.  This is not just a game, this is a research-supported learning environment.

One of my favorite things about QA so far is the amazing Teacher Training they offer.  First of all, teachers must apply and be approved in order to enter their classes into the 3d world.  Then, teachers go through a mandatory 4 week training process.  I found this to be SO valuable!  They really take the time to make sure you understand every facet of the game before sharing it with your students.

They also have a set of guidelines to follow, the I-BURST rules, which I am introducing to my students today.  Good rules to follow in many different situations.

Also today, I am reviewing the Social Commitments the game is based on with my students.  It is my hope that these commitments will carry through into their real lives as well.

Well, I will keep you informed of our progress!  So far we are very excited and can’t wait to get started!


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