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There will be more sharing to come after just wrapping up #DENSI2015. But I need a little more time to organize and decompress first. But Lindsay Foster asked for directions to make a hug box or a template. So I figured I would share this out first.

Once again during DENSI, Kristy Vincent organized an amazing Making Faire for us. You can find information on the DENSI website under Resources. Here is the text from Kristy’s site:

“What is being a DENovator?

It’s really whatever you want it to be! Have a craft you just can’t wait to share and teach others? Bring it and give a lesson. Been experimenting with Makey Makey’s with your students and want to show what it can do? Bring it and teach your DEN family? Designed an awesome new app or tool? Bring it!
Being a DENovator basically involves sharing your passion with others. Whether you bring and share a craft, invention, or DIY is entirely up to you!”
So I thought and I thought about what to make for the DENovator Faire. I found a cute image on Pinterest of a jar or Hershey’s Kisses decorated as a Hug Jar. That sparked the idea. I thought hmmm what about decorated boxes to “keep our hugs in”. I googled for ideas. I came across this great arts and crafts project:  I modified the poem a bit to put a DENtwist on it. And came up with:
“This is a very special gift
That you can never see
The reason it’s so special is
DEN friends made it together in D.C.
Whenever you are lonely
Or are ever feeling blue
You only have to hold this gift
And know we’re hugging you.
You never can unwrap it
Please leave the ribbon tied
Just hold the box close to your heart
It’s lled with #DENhugs inside”.
I made cards to go with the boxes as a little momento.  I provided favor boxes to be wrapped/decorated (They are the kind one would put almonds in for a party. Mine were from Party City SKU: 265395. But any box will do) I knew people would be traveling and wouldn’t want a large craft that they would have to pack. I provided striped blue and white wrapping paper, blue and white ribbons, jewel stickers, markers, and crayons. I explained that we were making boxes to hold our hugs and take our friends with us. My table display also had a box I found –

Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there...

Good friends are like stars

Then I sat back and watched as my incredibly creative DENFriends came and decorated Hug Boxes. Some decorated quickly. Others took their time. Some were meticulous. Others less deliberate. Some put the card inside. Some used the card to decorate the box.

Making Hug Boxes


Making Memories


Craft Full of Love

Thank you to all those that found their way to my table. As the box said, just because you don’t see me doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of you.  I hope you know how many hugs from me are inside your individual containers. Even if you weren’t with us in DC. You too can make a hug box. Just let us know that you now have one and we will help fill it with virtual hugs.

Much love,


May 2015 #DENbdays

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DENbday CakeSorry it is already May 9th as I post this. There are lots of DEN stars with birthdays to celebrate.  My apologies to any that we missed. During the month of May, let’s share some #DENLove with our DENfriends on their birthdays. Below is a list of those with May #DENBdays:





May 1 Mary Lu Ringwood, NC @MLRing100

May 5 Laura Brown, MD @LauraNPrayer

May 6 Tracie Belt, FL @tracieb

May 10 Brian Slope, PA @bslope

May 12 Lori Barr, MI @LoribarrBarr

May 13 Margaret Westaway, Vancouver @MargaretOW

May 14 Melissa Lander, FL @melgirl78

May 17 Amy Vedeikis, NC @BESVedeikis

May 17 Karla Jaenicke, FL @stayfit365

May 19 Laura Smith, MD @agentlaurasmith

May 2 Laurie Melton, NC _________

May 21 Jennipher Eisenstein, TX @mijemorky

May 23 Dorie Glynn, TX @doriedance

May 24 Laura Herron, AL @lauraherron8

May 24 Chris Bendel, MD @ctbendel

May 26 Audra Barton, FL @audrabartonau

May 28 Terra-Lee Graton, Alberta @tgratton77

May 28 Amanda Worsham, TX @amaworsham

May 30 Jill Fears, GA @JillMoniqueEdu

May 31 Edie Erickson, MI @stfranthird

DENbdays Balloons