May 2015 #DENbdays

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DENbday CakeSorry it is already May 9th as I post this. There are lots of DEN stars with birthdays to celebrate.  My apologies to any that we missed. During the month of May, let’s share some #DENLove with our DENfriends on their birthdays. Below is a list of those with May #DENBdays:





May 1 Mary Lu Ringwood, NC @MLRing100

May 5 Laura Brown, MD @LauraNPrayer

May 6 Tracie Belt, FL @tracieb

May 10 Brian Slope, PA @bslope

May 12 Lori Barr, MI @LoribarrBarr

May 13 Margaret Westaway, Vancouver @MargaretOW

May 14 Melissa Lander, FL @melgirl78

May 17 Amy Vedeikis, NC @BESVedeikis

May 17 Karla Jaenicke, FL @stayfit365

May 19 Laura Smith, MD @agentlaurasmith

May 2 Laurie Melton, NC _________

May 21 Jennipher Eisenstein, TX @mijemorky

May 23 Dorie Glynn, TX @doriedance

May 24 Laura Herron, AL @lauraherron8

May 24 Chris Bendel, MD @ctbendel

May 26 Audra Barton, FL @audrabartonau

May 28 Terra-Lee Graton, Alberta @tgratton77

May 28 Amanda Worsham, TX @amaworsham

May 30 Jill Fears, GA @JillMoniqueEdu

May 31 Edie Erickson, MI @stfranthird

DENbdays Balloons





Discovering My Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Recently, a certain New York politician appears to be targeting teachers in an atrocious manner to weed out the bad. Unfortunately, I forsee many good teachers losing their path. Frustrations, devaluing, negative evaluations based on a test that the teacher did not take themselves, all seem to point to increased rapid “Teacher Burnout”.

Cardboard tunnel construction

Build a better light at the end of the tunnel.

On the days when I feel my light beginning to dim, I am so grateful for my friends at Discovery Education and the DEN. Not only do they provide worldclass media rich resources to accentuate our classrooms. But they provide friendships and inspiration to keep us motivated. This past August, I built a communal learning space in my school. I called it the S.T.E.A.M. Cafe. A place to embrace science, technology, engineering, arts and math and how they interconnect. The room design is part faculty lounge, part makerspace, part instructional space with a SMARTBoard. I am always looking for resources and materials to make the space better. As I gathered the last few cardboard tubes from recent rolls of bathroom tissue to bring to school, I was struck by how stacked together they would form a tunnel. In light of the New York educational situation, that makermovement concept had me reach for a battery operated candle. The old phrase of “Light at the end of the tunnel” came to mind. As teacher friends in the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) shared resources that I had saved earlier that day, I was reminded that our goal should be to help students find their path and light their path.  As teachers we should provide them with opportunities to learn and grow. Should my position as an educator be tied to students in my building penciling in the correct number of correct bubbles? Or should my position as an educator be tied to students building, drafting, revising, planning, learning, absorbing, creating, and understanding? In my world view, that second set of actions is much more important. I believe as teachers we should give students a chance to soar. Help them build wings not clip them. And after they have built their wings, help them design even better wings. Discovery and the DEN helps me build my wings. And develop newer and better wings with richer and greater ideas.

Resources such as these should be shared with students: Wright Brothers video. Not the Wright Brother built a) a car b) a boat c) an airplane?

So this post is to say a very loud, “Thank you!”. I send it out to every member of the Discovery Education platform creators, to every member of the Discovery Education professional development team, to every member of the support team, and of course to every last member of the DEN Stars. You all keep me going. Thank you for the DENspiration!