My Passion Quilt

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What am I passionate about? It’s a combination of things.

Professionally: embracing and sharing techie gadgets

But mostly, I would say professionally that it is about helping others embrace the advances that we have these days.

When I find something cool and new, I love sharing about it with colleagues. Digital recorders help us create podcasts, digital portfolios, and more. Digital cameras take snapshots of our world. Share what’s going on in your work and life. Multimedia phones keep us connected. I can Twitter on the fly. Respond to staff issues via webmail. Thumbdrives store all my digital content for quick reference. My iriver gets me through my day. Thanks Bill! It helps to be in love with a techie. You get cool presents like irivers. My iriver provides a soundtrack for my world. It can store photos, DEN videos, and record sounds. My Passion Quilt? I’m passionate about embracing the latest and greatest that I learn/hear about and helping others to experience the joys of modern technology.

Personally: prepping for July 26th

Between professional obligations, family interactions, friendships… yes I am trying to find time to plan a wedding.

What are you passionate about? Post your Passion Quilt.
Steve Dembo tagged all of us STAR Educators. Since there’s a snow day, I figured I’d give it a whirl.

Tag 5 colleagues? Okay here goes:

1. Roxie Metz (DEN colleagues)

2. Sonya White (DEN colleagues)

3. Karlana Kulseth (Twitter colleagues)

4. Nancy Sharoff (Twitter colleagues)

5. Jacinta Gascoigne (Twitter colleagues)