Great DEN Weekend and More to Come…

Filed Under (Collaboration, Conference, DEN Events) by Jeannine on 02-10-2008

This past weekend was the Discovery Educator Network Northeast Regional Conference.  What an incredible experience!  Besides all that we take away (give aways, prizes, DEN notebooks, pens, new knowledge) we got to bond with familiar faces (or names).   Isn’t it funny how the DEN brings us together virtually!  Sometimes you can go a very long time without “meeting” a colleague.  Then suddenly the DEN brings us together physically!  How nice it is to shake hands, laugh, and share with our fellow DEN members.  I love being a part of the pack!

It was my distinct pleasure to present a workshop on Power Points that Pop.  On the New York DEN Blog Christine Southard summarized many of the talking points.  She also hosted a session on Animoto.  How wonderful it is to learn from each other.

More and more teachers are starting to ask about Discovery Education Streaming at work.  It’s definitely an exciting time.  I’m glad to be part of the technology department in my district and the DEN.  As the economy tanks, technology helps us do more for less.  Coupon codes, downloadable videos,  money saving tips, a way to put all that behind us and momentarily have fun behind our screens.  How nice it is to have such an escape!  Thank you DEN!

Mark your calendars, October 24th is Tech Forum, NY and October 25th is the DEN Virtual Conference.  Look for New York Leadership Council Events to help us enjoy these wonderful moments even more.

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