Power to Learn – When We Left Earth

Filed Under (Conference) by Jeannine on 19-04-2009

Recently Power to Learn hosted a contest.  Thanks to Christine Southard for posting about the contest on the NY DEN Blog.  I entered expecting nothing.  First I won a set of DVDs from the Discovery series “When We Left Earth”.  I was ecstatic.  Then I found out that my students, in one class,  would have the amazing opportunity to participate in a conference call with a NASA astronaut.  We prepped the students.  We did a test run of our telephones.  We let the kids have exposure to working with a teleconference.  The other side can hear everything was an interesting concept they quickly adapted too.  Go kids!  We braistormed many possible questions to ask.  We narrowed down our choices to a select few.  A vodcast of our questions However, simple technology difficulties made the conversation one way on the actual, exciting day of the event.  Our students however were fascinated to hear Captain Gibson answer the questions from the other schools.  He was also kind enough  to answer our questions at a later date via email.  The vodcast will show our questions and his answers.  I hope you enjoy seeing this as much as we enjoyed experiencing it.  Thanks Discovery, Cablevision, Captain Gibson, and the NY DEN.

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