Springing Ahead with Spring Training and DE

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Jeannine on 14-05-2010

DALRecently, I have begun working on a project with some great colleagues at school.  I am very excited about where we are going and how far we have come.  Their enthusiasm is infectious.  Watching them grasp the concept of combining several Discovery Education services and components into one fabulous lesson was amazing.  I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the Power of Discovery with them and assisting them in discovering all that is available to us in our district.  Hopefully they will join the Discovery Educator Network soon so that they can take advantage of even more opportunities.

Today I tabulated my DAL (Discovery Activity Level).  Have you calculated and reported yours? I am pleased to say that although I cannot check off every activity, I am highly active.  I scores as a borderline Hall of Famer with 21 points.  My Spring Training DAL Checklist.