DENny Awards 2013

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Tonight the DEN hosted the DENny Awards on Google Hangout. It is such a pleasure to connect, learn, and grow with fine educators such as these as part of the DEN.

(I hope I got all the names right. Please correct me if I caught it wrong.)

You can watch the archive here: (Discovery Education Youtube Channel)

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Best DEN Event Category:

  • DEN Stars out for the Holidays

Madison, WI

Rita Mortenson

  • DENapalooza McKinney TX

Mary Carole Strother

Kass Bates

  • DEN Hangout Winnipeg, MB

Andy McKiel

  • DENApalooza Atlanta, GA

Monique Liles

Katie Searcy

Mindy Ramon

  • DEN Geocaching Guilford NC

Mark Case

  • DEN Boise, ID

Carol Scholz

Kim Miller

Marita Diffenbaugh

  • Gateway to Learning: St Louis, MO

Melissa Robison


PL-DEN Award:

  • Den chat team

Lisa Parisi, Paula Naugle, Tim Childers, Dorie Glynn, Kelly Hines

  • DENvice Team

Tracy Carpenter, Zulma Whiteford, Selena Ward

  • DEN Zone Podcast

David Fisher

  • Collaborative Projects

Sandi DENnis, Jennifer Wagner


RJ Stangherlin LC Blogger Award:

  • Kelly Hines
  • Tom McLaughlin
  • Jerry Jennings


DEN Star Bloggers:

  • Cassandre Calixte
  • Diane Ripollone


DEN Trivia First 5 Winners:

  • Mark Case, Sheila Fredericks,Diane Galm,Katie Knopp,Bob Capwell,
  • Patti Harju – Grand Prize winner


Rising STAR Awards:

  • Roseann Burklow
  • Therese Conner
  • Refranz Davis
  • Delsia Easley
  • Ketsana Phommalee
  • Mindy Ramon
  • Kristina Spencer


Rising STAR Mentor Award:

  • DENnis Grice
  • Heather Hurley
  • Mary Carole Strother


DENthusiasm Awards:

  • Jessica Donaldson
  • Andrea Keller
  • Cheryl Lykowski
  • Karen Ogen
  • Tony Spittel
  • Shelley Tulloch
  • Katie Warren


DENVisory Board Elections Nominations:

(Election information will be coming soon)

  • Joli Barker
  • Tracie Belt
  • Mark Case
  • Tim Childers
  • Patti Grammens
  • Cathy Houchin
  • Tom McLaughlin
  • Conni Mulligan
  • Paula Naugle
  • Carol Scholz
  • Neene Shields (ME!)
  • Tony Spittel
  • Karen Wells
  • Zulma Whiteford
  • Rachel Yurk


Community Choice Awards:

Best Arch

  • Pete & C


  • Lodge McCammon

DEN Camp Champ

  • David Taylor

Most Facebook Likes

  • Carolyn Raines

DEN Super Recruiter

  • Andrea Baker

Best Use of a Spouse at a DEN Event:

  • Norma Rockwell

Quiet Leader

  • Tracie Belt

Grants Queen

  • Dacia Jones

Repinner Extraordinaire

  • Sheila Fredericks

Make It Happen Awards

  • Tracy Carpenter
  • Zulma Whiteford


DEN Gurus

  • Tracy Carpenter
  • Lee Ann Dougherty
  • Kelly Hines
  • Robin Martin
  • Katie Searcy

Congratulations to all the DEN winners and all those who make things possible with the DEN.

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