Almost ready for DENSI2013

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I think I am almost all ready to head to DENSI2013 on Friday. Clothes packed. Technology equipment packed. Hunted down some postcards to share. Car cleaned out so I can offer a ride to a few friends coming in via ferry. Costume arranged and packed for the DEN party on Thursday. I have made sure that I know the passwords to most of the digital portal accounts that I have. Nothing like wasting time waiting for a password reset when you just want to play with a new techie web toy.  Livescribe notebook paper purchased to I can begin playing with my summer techie toy. Livescribe is a digital pen that will record the audio of sessions. And if you write on special dotted paper, your computer will capture that which the pen has written and save it in a digital format. This sounds like the best of both worlds to me. RL (real life) notes and VL (virtual life) notes combine via the LiveScribe. I’ll let you know how my experiments with it go when I return. Phew, no wonder I feel tired. Okay time to rest up before all the excitement  really begins. Naturally, I did not sleep too much last night. Time to sit, read, and do my nails…







Remember, you can eavesdrop on some of the fun. This year some sessions will be streamed via

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