ISTE2014… So it begins

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What begins? #ISTE2014 began for me last night. It was our last day of school for this year. It should be time to put our feet up and relax. Nope… As a connected educator and a perpetual learner it was time to head off for the wonderful ISTE conference. After the close of school, I ran home. Rechecked to make sure I packed everything I might need. Headed to the airport. Met up with colleagues I am lucky enough to call friends. And away to ISTE we go…

Today was spent roaming the halls of a large conference center. Around every turn was another Discovery Educator Network or Discovery Education TeamĀ friend. So nice to see them all. I received hugs and greetings from so many DEN friends that I lost count. I’d love to send a shoutout to each and every one. But I know I would miss some. So I’ll just say “Thanks for the hug and/or smile!” And if I didn’t see you yet, I look forward to finding you tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be filled with Discovery fun for me. A discussion panel in the afternoon should provide great ideas for continuing to connect our students to the world around them digitally. And tomorrow evening will be the DEN Birthday Bash. I can’t wait to help The Discovery Educator Network celebrate it’s 9th birthday! Yay, Happy Birthday DEN! And I look forward to helping to continue to celebrate our den star members birthdays with #DENBdays.

If you are attending ISTE2014, remember you can’t do it all. Pick and choose what calls to you. Remember to look up from your phone once and awhile. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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