Multimedia bringing the World Closer

Filed Under (Collaboration, Conference, DEN Events) by Jeannine on 27-03-2010

 Recently the NY DEN Leadership Council hosted an amazing event at the Baseball Hall of Fame.  We all seemed to have so much fun.  I love Discovery for providing fabulous professional development but also these culturally enriching opportunities.  If you aren’t a STAR member of the DEN consider joining. Click here for information.

Discovery offers us so much.  Great networking with Gurus (those in the know and ready to show).  Collaboration from across the country.  Contests, events, and so much more.

But one of the things I love best is learning how to tie everything together to enhance my instructional practices.  Multimedia helps students to learn at a much more rapid pace.  Visual images and audio combined help generate a more accurate picture (no pun intended) of a topic being discussed.  Over the years with the DEN I have learned how to take Power Point slides (or Open Office slides), turn them into images, bring them into Movie Maker, add an audio overlay and Voila!!! You have great “movies” to teach your students.  Not everyone could attend the NYDENLC Spring Training Event in Cooperstown.  But if you visit the National Blog and check out our video at: it gives you a better mental image of the event then just saying we had a great Spring Training Event. Go see for yourself.

Presenting At DEN Spring Training NY

Digitally Fit but Fatigued

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Finally home after an amazing night with New York Discovery Educator Network.  The New York City Discovery offices were host to a fabulous event “Digitally Fit with the NY DEN”.  Unfortunately, the streaming didn’t work tonight.  But we did take photos.  And we have our PowerPoint slides.  Dennis Swain’s material and mine will be posted on the NY DEN blog soon.  But for now I’m going to go rest.  Since we were attending an event surrounding the Discovery Health National Body Challenge we walked the distance from Grand Central to the DE office.  After a long day of teaching, I’m ready for rest and relaxation.  Have a great weekend!  Check the NY DEN blog soon for our recap.