DENvisory Board Candidates Profiles

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The DEN (Discovery Educator Network) does shine brightly in the Ed Tech Skyline. So many connect, share, learn, and grow together. While checking out the DEN National Blog ( )the other day, I came across a lovely writeup for my dear friend Paula Naugle. Imagine my surprise when I looked again and there are terrific profiles of several of the DEN Star Educators. In case you missed these as well, I just captured all the links to share. How nice to get to meet so many great educators! The DEN is comprised of many wonderful educators. Together we make one truly bright galaxy of which I am proud to be a part. From last year’s blog: The DENvisory Board… “will be formed soon, with the goals of representing the DEN, providing feedback to the DEN Team, and helping guide and shape the future of the Discovery Educator Network.”

Below are links to a few of the candidates for this coming year’s elections (in alphabetical order of course):

Joli Barker:


Tracie Belt:


Mark Case:


Tim Childers:


Patti Grammens:


Cathy Houchin:


Tom Mclaughlin:


Connie Mulligan:


Paula Naugle:


Carol Scholz:


Jeannine Shields:


Tony Spittell:


Karen Wells:


Zulma Whiteford:


Rachel Yurk:

Engaged Learning and Engaged in Learning

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As I struggle myself with trying to help a teacher begin to use Discovery Education with their students, I find myself learning quite a bit as well.  I am so comfortable with logging in and navigating through Discovery Education resources on a frequent basis.  However, we are piloting offering Discovery Education Streaming accounts to some students.  This way a teacher may individualize instruction for them.  Many of the learning theories suggest that students develop at various paces with various interests.  So this project excites me.  We have the potential to make quite a difference in the lives of these students.  And if all goes well hopefully we can broaden our scope soon after.

But as I am assisting this teacher, I find myself realizing many things:

  • Wow, I enjoy being in the professional development arena more than I ever thought I would.
  • Teachers work very hard to reach each child in their care.  The good ones go above and beyond to find what will help each find success. (I am lucky to be working with one such “good one”.)
  • The import structure was easy once the customer service team assisted.  They rock by the way!  Reach out to them if you are struggling.  So very knowledgeable.
  • There are so many great resources on a single topic inside Discovery Education.
  • The teacher view is definitely improved but I need to develop cheat sheets that work for us.
  • We all learn something new on a good day.  I have been having many good days this week with this project.
Are you using Discovery Education Streaming with individual student accounts? If so I would love to hear how you are implementing them in your classrooms.  Have you learned from any oops moments? Have you enjoyed a specific success of a student? The power of the DEN is learning from each other.  I would love to learn from those that are ahead of me on this learning curve.