May 23

Tonight the DEN hosted the DENny Awards on Google Hangout. It is such a pleasure to connect, learn, and grow with fine educators such as these as part of the DEN.

(I hope I got all the names right. Please correct me if I caught it wrong.)

You can watch the archive here: (Discovery Education Youtube Channel)

Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on

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Best DEN Event Category:

  • DEN Stars out for the Holidays

Madison, WI

Rita Mortenson

  • DENapalooza McKinney TX

Mary Carole Strother

Kass Bates

  • DEN Hangout Winnipeg, MB

Andy McKiel

  • DENApalooza Atlanta, GA

Monique Liles

Katie Searcy

Mindy Ramon

  • DEN Geocaching Guilford NC

Mark Case

  • DEN Boise, ID

Carol Scholz

Kim Miller

Marita Diffenbaugh

  • Gateway to Learning: St Louis, MO

Melissa Robison


PL-DEN Award:

  • Den chat team

Lisa Parisi, Paula Naugle, Tim Childers, Dorie Glynn, Kelly Hines

  • DENvice Team

Tracy Carpenter, Zulma Whiteford, Selena Ward

  • DEN Zone Podcast

David Fisher

  • Collaborative Projects

Sandi DENnis, Jennifer Wagner


RJ Stangherlin LC Blogger Award:

  • Kelly Hines
  • Tom McLaughlin
  • Jerry Jennings


DEN Star Bloggers:

  • Cassandre Calixte
  • Diane Ripollone


DEN Trivia First 5 Winners:

  • Mark Case, Sheila Fredericks,Diane Galm,Katie Knopp,Bob Capwell,
  • Patti Harju – Grand Prize winner


Rising STAR Awards:

  • Roseann Burklow
  • Therese Conner
  • Refranz Davis
  • Delsia Easley
  • Ketsana Phommalee
  • Mindy Ramon
  • Kristina Spencer


Rising STAR Mentor Award:

  • DENnis Grice
  • Heather Hurley
  • Mary Carole Strother


DENthusiasm Awards:

  • Jessica Donaldson
  • Andrea Keller
  • Cheryl Lykowski
  • Karen Ogen
  • Tony Spittel
  • Shelley Tulloch
  • Katie Warren


DENVisory Board Elections Nominations:

(Election information will be coming soon)

  • Joli Barker
  • Tracie Belt
  • Mark Case
  • Tim Childers
  • Patti Grammens
  • Cathy Houchin
  • Tom McLaughlin
  • Conni Mulligan
  • Paula Naugle
  • Carol Scholz
  • Neene Shields (ME!)
  • Tony Spittel
  • Karen Wells
  • Zulma Whiteford
  • Rachel Yurk


Community Choice Awards:

Best Arch

  • Pete & C


  • Lodge McCammon

DEN Camp Champ

  • David Taylor

Most Facebook Likes

  • Carolyn Raines

DEN Super Recruiter

  • Andrea Baker

Best Use of a Spouse at a DEN Event:

  • Norma Rockwell

Quiet Leader

  • Tracie Belt

Grants Queen

  • Dacia Jones

Repinner Extraordinaire

  • Sheila Fredericks

Make It Happen Awards

  • Tracy Carpenter
  • Zulma Whiteford


DEN Gurus

  • Tracy Carpenter
  • Lee Ann Dougherty
  • Kelly Hines
  • Robin Martin
  • Katie Searcy

Congratulations to all the DEN winners and all those who make things possible with the DEN.

Mar 18

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend The Celebration of Teaching and Learning in New York City today.  Thank you Discovery and WNET!  The day started off slowly for me.  Frustrations mounted (found out it is a perigee moon out there).  Cell phone never charged last night.  2 brand new pens, straight of the box wouldn’t write. Any wonder I shop at the dollar stores.  Pay full price… doesn’t work… Pay only a dollar… love them!  Tried to take photographs from the event.  Bad lighting for my camera.  Everything came out all shaky. Attended a session that addressed interactivity but presented static black text on a white background research.  Teach what you preach and preach what you teach!

But the day finally picked up speed for me after lunch.  I attended a great session on using visual news articles for education.  Made some great connections on the exhibitor’s floor.  Skype possibilities opened up.  Great tools to bring back to my colleagues.  Then a wonderful panel discussion hosted by a moderator who seemed to make strategic pointed comments that support teachers and challenged the current frictions we experience in the media.

Despite some earlier frustrations the day was a wonderful experience for me.

Here are just some of the tools I walked away with adding to my personal teacher trainer kit:

Today’s Wonderful Resources:

  • Arkive – Archive of conservation for endangered species (videos, photos, and factual information) Copyright cleared for use in educational projects. (Free)

  • Thinkfinity Community – Take thinkfinity resources and pair them with a forum that can be created (for free) to discuss Thinkfinity Lessons and application. We can set up our own group for teachers in our districts

This is a sample of a group created for New York ( But similar forums can be setup for other groups using the free hosted corner on the Thinkfinity Portal.

  • The.News – Online news articles, videos, and transcripts from MacNeil / Lehrer Productions hosted in the cloud. Created for Middle and High School. But as discussed definite application in 5th grade. (Free)

  • Larry Bell’s 12 Powerful Words – Interesting PD concept. Larry Bell identified 12 powerful words that appear in standardized testing questions. If we implement these now in class instruction students will be better prepared for future standardized test reading.

  • Brainpop For Educators – Join with other teachers using Brainpop resources to collaborate and share ideas. Lesson plans, graphic organizers, quizzes, and more. (Free) Each teacher can sign up for their own account.

I hope they will be issuing archives later of some of these sessions.  Today was just fabulous.  Very tired.  Very inspired.  Very excited for tomorrow (The Celebration of Teaching and Learning Day 2) and tomorrow (our near future in education).