Oct 18

Okay getting excited for the Discovery Educator Network Fall Virtual Conference.  http://blog.discoveryeducation.com/fall-virtcon-2010/  The NY DEN LC will be hosting an in-person event at my school.  I just had a brainstorm for a costume.  Last year I wussed out and didn’t dress up.  But this year I got creative.   Not telling of course… It is my little secret.  Come join us if you want to see for yourself.  You can register for our NY DEN event at https://lrougeux.wufoo.com/forms/tech-or-treat-fall-virtual-conference-ny-/.  Hope to see you there.  What will you be for the DEN Tech or Treat?  Hope to see you there or CU online.

Aug 24

flywithyourstudentsneenedayofdiscovery8-24-10.jpgOn August 24, 2010 an exciting day was provided to New York area educators. Back-To-School Day of Discovery at Cablevision’s Headquarters in Bethpage, NY was a partnership between Discovery Education, Cablevision Power to Learn, The Science Channel HD, and MSG Varsity. Steve Dembo was the keynote. Several of the NY DEN Leadership Council were on hand and/or presented.

During the day’s festivities, I presented two sessions Fly with Your Students – Discovery Education and Google Earth. You may be interested in the following resources created for the event:


It was such a pleasure to connect the dots with so many interested educators.  Considering this event was held in the summer I am impressed with the turn out.  As always a learned a great deal from listening to Steve Dembo (@teach42).  I had listened to him present on the same topic before but every time you walk away with something new. I love that no two Dembo presentations are exactly the same.  I strive to be a snowflake educator.  It will be one of my goals this year.  To as the actress Mo’Nique said last night “be a work of art” not a “piece of work”.  I hope to help the staff that I work with to use Google Earth to engage learners more this year.

I am grateful for my interactions with the DEN.  Thank you for helping me to grow my PLN.  I look forward to all the new tools I have to bring to my work in a few weeks.

Special thank you to the kind participant who took some photos of me presenting.   Usually the members of the New York DEN Leadership Council take turns photographing each other during presentations for the archive.  Unfortunately those NYDENLC members present were all involved in activities today.