Happy Summer

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Happy Summer, everyone!

Summer Photo

I don’t know about you.  But I definitely needed the summer to start.  It was high-time for a break.  The end of school is always so stressful.  Somehow this year seemed even more so.  Perhaps it was due to the fact that so many users now embrace technology so I am juggling more items.  But it was an excellent school year.  The NY DEN Leadership Council provided us with many wonderful opportunities to flourish and develop.

Now I am looking forward to the first summer in a LONG time that I am not teaching an organized class.  But I definitely intend to continue growing with my PLN (personal learning network for those that don’t recognize the letters).  Of course Discovery Education is a huge part of that!  I hear wonderful things are in the works from the DEN.

Just because school is out for summer doesn’t mean that the learning stops.  Now is my personal time to develop and add to my repertoire of skills.

What will you be trying to learn this summer?  Do you have any favorite websites you think I should explore in my “leisure”?

It’s been a great summer

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I spent three days teaching a wonderful group of teachers from my school district how to use Discovery Education Streaming and SMARTBoards. They learned alot and had an opportunity for hands on practice that you don’t get during the year. Three simultaneous boards with laptops. Access for all!! It made the days go by quickly.

Then I was married on July 26, 2008! So exciting… I married a wonderful man and am truly happy. The day was beautiful but the important part are the days ahead. “A wedding is a day; a marriage is a lifetime,” they told us at Engaged Encounter Weekend. I truly believe that.

Then it was off to Paris, France for our honeymoon. We had the most amazing time:

Now we are back. Emptying “my old place” and starting to build an “our place”.

Now that we are settling in I’m back as an active member of the DEN again. We just had a great planning session with Dennis Swain yesterday via phone conference.