Logging My Professional Development

I was reading a tweet by Alice Mercer when I realized we in education are not being given credit for all the professional development hours we log online. I joyously spent over 40 hours in PD over my recent spring break. My personal learning network (PLN) kept me very busy pointing to all sorts of wonderful resources all over the net. Websites, blogs, and Twitter oh my. Webinars, Skype, and wikis oh my.

I am keeping a journal of what I do online, but is that enough? Will I be given credit within my system for time spent online? Only one Webinar I attended during my spring break asked if I’d like to receive a certificate of participation. Should there be a way for educators to  track what they do online for their PD? When I posted a Tweet asking this Sue Waters responded with “@plnaugle that is one of the reasons I blog – I will often blog my reflections of the session which gives me a journey & record.” Great advise from a friend in my PLN. So I am following her sage advice and I am blogging. I will continue to write blogs about my online professional development

Please share any ideas you have for tracking PD online. How do you track your online PD? Do you get credit for it?

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  1. A. Mercer says:

    Blogging about online and ftf pd is a great way to show “growth”. I’ve blogged about participation in K12 Online, and NECC and CUE conferences. I’ve probably learned more from that then the seat time I’ve given my district for trainings they’ve provided.

  2. Sue Waters says:

    It is a real challenge that we face. Those of us that are online now recognise we are learning more in these informal online learning than we achieve in structured PD sessions that we are forced to attend. Yet the systems we work within don’t have a mechanism to acknowledge it.

    Essentially all my blogs, wiki and podcast sites are a documentation of what I’ve gained from learning this way. While at work I aren’t formally recognised for the hours it takes long term it has benefited me because it lead to new employment opportunities.

  3. lacue says:

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