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2012DENny Awards – Thank You DEN

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve posted here. Since I maintain a classroom blog, a professional blog, and also blog for the Louisiana DEN Leadership Council, I just don’t seem to have the time to post here as well. However, since I am so excited to share my DENny Award news, I thought I should post it here too.

I have been a Discovery Educator Network (DEN) STAR and part of the Louisiana DEN Leadership Council since 2009. As part of this wonderful organization, I have participated in so many wonderful events sponsored by Discovery Education including Day of Discovery in Silver Springs, Maryland and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the DEN Leadership Council Symposium in Boston, the DEN Summer Institute in San Diego, and virtual conference days every fall and spring since I joined.

On the evening of May 17, at the fourth annual DENny awards, I was honored with a PL DEN Award for my 365 Day Project.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend the live presentation of the awards, because I was helping prepare for our annual Parent Volunteer Breakfast which was being held at my school on Friday, but I would like to say how truly honored I am by this award. Below is the recording of the DENny Awards. (Mine starts at 9:27.)

When I got home Thursday night I found out via Twitter that I had been honored with a DENny Award.

I would like to thank Discovery Education and the DEN for this honor. I would also like to congratulate all of the other DEN members who received DENny Awards for 2012. I am inspired by all of you.

(Note – I crossposted this on on Louisiana DEN blog.)

I’m Going to iSTE10, Are You?

Monday, June 7th, 2010

iste2010-denver-icon-small.jpgI’m excited about attending ISTE10. It is not so much that I’m a geek, it’s that I’m looking forward to meeting my PLN (personal learning network) members face-to-face.  Please head over to my professional blog to read about why I’m so excited about my trip to Denver. If you are going, please look for me so we can connect.

School’s Out for the Summer

Sunday, May 30th, 2010



My last day of school for the 2009-2010 school year was Friday, May 28. I can’t believe this school year is over. It went so-o-o-o fast.  I left New Orleans Friday night with a friend of mine to attend the Bayou Country Superfest in Baton Rouge over the Memorial Day Weekend. In between listening to the great artists – Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Brooks and Dunn, and Kenny Chesney – I took some time to reflect on my school year.

I am proud of the fact that I won a $15,000 Technology Model Classroom grant, completed my first two courses toward my Master’s in Educational Technology Leadership, and taught my students well. Our high stakes LEAP test scores were released just days before summer vacation and my students did an awesome job on the math test. They also loved the projects we completed during the year, and enjoyed learning to use all the Web 2.0 tools I shared with them this year. Their favorites were SkypeGlogster, and Edmodo. They always loved when I told them we would be watching a Discovery video. Since I teach 4th graders, I used dozens of videos with my math classes, and even more with my social studies class. They were thrilled to learn how to embed a Discovery video clip in their Glogsters.

While this was a great school year, I’ll be looking forward to using all of my new tech equipment next year. This summer I’ll be attending ISTE10 in Denver and the DEN Leadership Council Symposium in Boston.  I’m sure I’ll also attend several other conferences virtually (my PLN will tweet out the links) and most of the Classroom 2.0 Live sessions on Saturday mornings. But I plan on spending the majority of my summer planning for next year. I have a lot of great ideas I want to try.

My Twitterversary

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

twitter-logo.jpgI joined Twitter on February 25, 2009, so I just celebrated my one year anniversary. (You can find out when you Twitter here.) My participation on this social networking sight has truly transformed my life. I use Twitter via Tweetdeck everyday on my laptop or iPhone. I have a tremendous PLN (personal learning network) that shares great resources, answers questions, points me toward great posts and articles, and lets me know how to join the conversation at conferences virtually. My PLN also “pats me on the back” when things are going well and helps me work out the bumps in the road when things aren’t going so well. They encourage me, challenge me, and support me in my use of technology within my classroom.

Growing My PLN (Personal Learning Network)

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

I kid my friends in the field of education that PLN aren’t just my initials (Paula L. Naugle) anymore. But I have been struggling with the idea of whether my PLN is my personal learning network or my professional learning network. Even though it is true that my PLN helps me grow professionally I feel very personally connected to these people.  

I began growing my PLN after visiting Sue Waters’ wiki on the topic. I started a blog, joined several Nings, started one for fourth grade teachers in my school system, and set up my Google reader to receive RSS feeds from other educators’ blogs. Then I joined FaceBook and Twitter. I connected with friends from high school and college on FB, but wasn’t sure Twitter was for me. Did I really want updates on the mundane events in other people’s lives? 

Luckily I did some more research and found Tomaz Lasic’s Twitter Handbook for Teachers. I revisited Twitter determined this microblogging platform was truly going to help me grow my PLN. At first I just “listened” to the stream of tweets going by, then I found people to follow, and finally I got brave enough to post some tweets. Boy did my first impression of Twitter change! In a few short months I had over 200 followers, was following about 200 educators, and had tweeted about 500 updates.  

I now begin every morning by making my coffee and logging into my Twitter account. My PLN points me to articles and blog posts I should read, videos I should view, websites I should check out, and webinars that are being offered for free professional development. We laugh together, cry together, and cheer each other successes. That makes it very personal to me.

Part of the Bigger Picture

Sunday, April 19th, 2009


Are you familiar with the song “We’re All in This Together” from High School Musical? That was the song Beth Still dedicated to her personal learning network (PLN) this evening from to celebrate a victory.

On April 5, 2009 Beth started an online project to demostrate the power of a PLN. She wanted to see if she could get 1500 people in her PLN to donate $1 each to help send a newbie to NECC in Washington, D.C. this June.  She went on to say, “I decided that Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne) was the “newbie” that I wanted to send to NECC. Richard is a Social Studies teacher in Maine who has worked tirelessly to help ensure his students and coworkers are able to work on a network that is as open as possible. He also maintains a blog called Free Tech 4 Teachers that recently won the 2008 Edublog Award for the  Best Resource Sharing Blog.” (Please read the whole story on her blog.)

Then her PLN picked up the gautlet and we were off. As the days passed educators from around the world blogged about the project and used Twitter to get the message out to their PLN’s. Tweets and Retweets (RT) were sent by many people. Although the project didn’t go quiet as Beth had set it up, many people were involved and the $1500 was raised.

Why am I so excited? I am planning to have a F2F (face to face) meeting with Richard, one of the people from my PLN that shares great information each day with his PLN via his website. I also hope to meet Beth and many others who inspire me daily. Can’t wait!!!!