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DENSI 2014 – Final Reflection

As the lead of the DENSI 2014 Blog Team, I’m very happy to bring you this post from Katie Warren.  I asked Katie to write for us because she’s experienced most of the DEN Summer Institutes and their predecessors so I hoped she could share some of her experiences and provide some insight on how things


DE Summer School: #TBT DENSI

We’d like to dedicate this #ThrowbackThursday to Discovery Education’s most epic PD event of the year! DENSI. In 2006, Discovery Education began holding summer institutes to connect educators with their most valuable resource… each other! Since then, hundreds of educators from around the globe have continued connecting at regional and national events throughout the year,


DENSI 2014 – Two other perspectives

One of the things that make the DENSIs so great is the variety of attendees.  We come from different backgrounds and positions in education, we have various and varying skills with technology (and beyond!), we come from east and west and north and “all y’all” come from the south… and this year we were fortunate to have new

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Files from DENSI 2014

This Scribd file is the second of two files generously shared by someone at #DENSI2014 to the Google Community created by Jennifer Wagner, NOTATDENSI14. Need to reiterate that this is not my work; I just uploaded the file to make it more accessible to a wider community. Files from DENSI 2014

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DENSI 2014 Collaborative Session Notes

Need to be very clear about these resources: they are an aggregate from people at #DENSI2014 Sessions. These resources were generously shared on the Google Community, NOTATDENSI14. I’ve lost track of who shared them but we are grateful to all of you for contributing. All I did was upload them into Scribd so they would

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NOTATDENSI14: Not a Problem, Thanks to Jennifer Wagner

Not at DENSI 2014. Not a problem–well–not too much of one. For many reasons, not everyone who wanted to attend the DENSI 2014 managed to get to Nashville. For me, I just was not far enough recovered from my stem cell transplant to fly. And truth be told, my heart was with everyone but my


DENSI 2014 Reflections

Waiting at the airport. The plane ride. The drive from the airport home. During all of those times and more, I’ve reflected on the week that was the DEN Summer Institute. I haven’t put any of my thoughts down on “paper” yet, and I don’t know if I will, but thinking about the impact the week


Session Archives from DENSI 2014

The DEN Summer Institute wrapped up last week. It was a great week with over 125 educators gathering at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN to learn, share, and collaborate with each other. From what I saw throughout the week, they also had a little fun! On Tuesday and Wednesday, attendees had a chance to attend


Top 10 Things I Learned at DENSI 2014

We often live our lives by habit, performing daily routines on autopilot without much thought or reflection. It is easy to live the way we have always lived, to teach the way we have always taught, and to learn the way we have always learned. I am so grateful for opportunities like DENSI because they

Kathy's Katch

August 2014: DENSI 2014 Takeaways

The Discovery Educator Network Summer Institute was held in Nashville, TN during the third week of July 2014. As a DEN Guru I was both a presenter and an attendee. It was an amazing week with a creative, dedicated, passionate group of Discovery STAR Educators and Discovery Education staff with special Discovery Communication guests, too.