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My Google Reader Prezi from the White Oak Technology Conference

I hope you are learning a lot at the TCEA Area 7 Technology Conference!

Google Reader Presentation

I’m putting the finishing touches on my presentation for the TCEA area Technology Conference held at White Oak ISD on Friday, June 11th. Since my topic deals with how to set up RSS feeds, I thought it’d be a good idea to update my blog and have the attendees subscribe to my blog for practice. I’ll post my Prezi presentation on Friday morning. Wish me luck!

Peak of the Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower

May 7th is the predicted peak of this year’s Eta Aquariid meteor shower. For more information click here.

Don’t you just love a good meteor shower?!?

My Latest Obsession: Prezi

I’m growing tired of PowerPoint! I recently polled my PLN on twitter and asked them to suggest an alternative. The overwhelming response was, “Check out Prezi!” I created an account, and here is my very first Prezi.

 Obviously, I have a long way to go. I’ll keep you posted on my PreziProgress.

 Note: I tried to embed this prezi but was unable to. I’ve seen some web postings that WordPress does not allow flash embeds. If you have information on this can you comment please?

Second Annual Discovery Education Network Geocaching Day

Why don’t you make plans to experience geocaching by participating in the Discovery Education Network (DEN)‘s second annual Geocaching Day on May 22nd. Go here to find a group near you.

If you are in the Pearland-Alvin-Manvel TX area, you are invited to join a group I will be leading. Just click here to sign up.

Finished reading “CyberNation”

I picked up this book a year ago and found it while rummaging around in a box in my home office. It’s part of Tom Clancy’s Net Force series, and ended up being a fairly good read.

“Science is Real” by They Might Be Giants

My new favorite-est song.

Perseid Meteor Shower for 2009

August 10-12 will probably be the best viewing opportunities for this year’s Perseid meteor shower.  Universe Today has a good article on this year’s light show.

Additional information can be found at the American Meteor Society website.   I recommend spending some time at this site.  You can even log your meteor sightings here, and see the record of sightings in various areas.

NASA maintains a listing of After School Astronomy Clubs if you are interested.

XCOR Aerospace Releases Video of 2008 X-Racer Prototype

The XCOR Aerospace X-Racer Prototype was built for the Rocket Racing League and was flown at AirVenture 2008.  Universe Today released this article which includes two videos of the plane.

The first video is an on-board camera split screen. The second video is a music video of a typical operational day.

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