The Beginning…

I am a new Discovery Star Educator, and as I just read in another new STAR’s blog, it feels as though it is not real yet. I can’t wait to get started and become more involved in the DEN. I have already met many DEN STARS through Twitter (I am scout7) and a couple face to face at Tech Camp. These have been great people who are passionate about not just tech in education but passionate about sharing their knowledge. I love to be around these kinds of people!

I have already recorded my first event. I trained the staff on the use of my new SMART-board and showed how to link to DE Streaming videos as part of the lesson.  I also gave a little how to on DE Streaming. I am eager to show my colleagues more ways to integrate and use technology as well as learn more myself. I am also quite eager to get started teaching with my new tech this year. As I mentioned I have the interactive whiteboard as well a document camera and the projector will be mounted on the ceiling. I have been teaching for over 20 years, and remember when the disks were really floppy and the computers forgot everything when you turned them off. I remember the ditto machine, filmstrips and the reel to reel projector (and the sound it made when it broke or got stuck – I became quite an expert on re-threading them.) That stuff seemed so cool in its day, but this new tech is amazing!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the DEN and I look forward to all tech knowledge and friendships to come!

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