Spooky Digital Storytelling

My 2nd graders took a picture they created in art class and used it as inspiration to write a spooky story. After editing, the children read their story in front of green screen (they were also wrapped in another green screen to create the floating head effect.) I put the videos together and added a beginning and ending sound effect. The videos are available for viewing on our class wiki. http://wikiharju.wikispaces.com/Spooky+Stories

I am sharing one of the videos below, but be sure to check out the wiki to see the rest.

The spooky stories were also used in computer class for word processing practice. Each child typed their story and inserted their picture (These had already been scanned in.) The pictures and typed stories will be displayed in the hall to share with parents at conferences. (With a sign noting the integration of art, writing and technology!)

When I first put the videos together, I created 3 videos with 9 students per video. However, even though these were short, 5 min videos, they were too big to upload to my photobucket or google video account. I shortened the videos and ended up with 9 movies, highlighting 3 students each. I used google video, the private setting, to upload the movies and get the code to embed them in our wiki page.(I like google video as it has a setting to view the video as full screen.)
One important note: I have a child in the classroom with special needs. He was at first reluctant to read in front of the camera, but after he did, the entire class cheered for him! It was a wonderful moment for all.  It was amazing to see how the other children applauded not only his efforts, but those of all of their classmates.

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