Digital Stories – A Glimpse of …

Find more videos like this on MACUL Space This was my first attempt at this kind of a digital story with my students. The bulk of the work was done in the classroom. The students created two pictures in class. One a self portrait, the other a religion picture. The other two pictures were objects […]

2nd Grade Claymation

The second graders love playing with clay! They created characters, put them together and then came up with a story. Usually they have an idea of the story, but it isn’t fully formed until they start acting it out and taking pictures. After the pictures are taken and converted to a video, (We used iMovie […]


My second graders enjoyed using Voicethread to publish their stories. Each student wrote and illustrated a Leprechaun story (inspired of course by St. Patrick’s Day) and a Husky Dog story (inspired by a picture they created in art class.) After each child finished writing, editing and then re-writing their story they then created three pictures […]