My Media Mash-Up

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In a DEN Blog post by Hall Davidson, he asks for video Mash-ups created by teachers or students. He wants to showcase some of them when he presents at ISTE 2010.
As I am on summer vacation (first week), still in my creative/work mode, and have many video clips still on my laptop, I decided to see what I could come up with.
I started with a recording of my 2nd graders singing
“I Know and Old Lady.”  They sang this in music class and I thank our wonderful music teacher Mr. V for playing the piano and recording this during class. (He used my iPod Nano with a microphone attachment.)

I then searched Discovery Streaming for clips of the animals mentioned in the song and downloaded them. As I am using a Mac and iMovie 09, I next needed to add the videos to my iTunes library and using the Advanced tab, convert the clip to an iPad (or iPhone) version. Now the clips are in a format that iMovie 09 will recognize. I did a Google search for Old Lady pictures and then used Blabberize to animate some of them. (Blabberize lets you download your animation as a video for free.) After the animals, Old Lady pics, and song were added to the timeline, I choose clips of my students that were filmed with Green Screen. We made quite a few videos this year, so I had many clips to choose from. The video might have been better if the student clips showed them actually singing or acting out the scene, and if I did this during the school year I would have had the children decide how to illustrate each section of the song.
This was fun to create! A great start to my summer.

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