Landforms Mash-Up

Last fall I created a video explaining Landforms (and Bodies of Water) with my second graders. I decided to combine this video with Discovery Education clips to create a video that I could use with my in coming second graders. While I could simply show the student video, the inclusion of DE clips allows it to provide more information. I could also show the DE video on its own, however I believe that by combining the two it will be more engaging for the students and if the students are engaged, then chances are they will remember the material and make those important connections.  The in coming group will enjoy watching the group from last year, and will be excited about making their own class video. We will then get to watch the video that we created – thus reinforcing the concepts even more.

Making the video is always fun. What looks like it takes seconds to film usually involves many retakes and giggles.The lines are repeated over and over by the “actors” and heard over and over by the rest of the class. The class usually has something to complete at their seat while we film, but I know their attention is on the group in front of the camera.

Here is a sampling of the video – it is too large to embed the entire video – So I edited it to show just a few segments.

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