Rock Our World = Wow!

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This fall my 2nd graders participated in Rock Our World, a Global Collaborative Project founded by the DEN’s own Carol Anne McGuire. Since September we have been making music and collaborating with classrooms all over the US and the World. We made music together every week when we added an instrument to another school’s Garageband track. We have Skyped with schools in Peru, Poland, Canada, and New Zealand as well as US schools in Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Pennsylvania and California. We worked with Peter Reynolds, author and illustrator of “The Dot” and “Ish”. He provided us with his Animation-ish software and we worked on Animations around the theme of Peace. This Saturday is our Family Day where we will meet the other classes in real time via Ustream. We will be interviewed by Carol Anne’s students, see the Peace Animations each school created and learn more about the other schools in the project.

I know I am gushing when I talk about this project. It has been incredible! I have learned as much as the students. I cannot believe how often and easily I am scheduling Skype calls with other classes. I love how the students look forward to them and am amazed at how much they learn and remember from each call.   The children and I have enjoyed it and do not want it to end! Carol Anne has created something truly wonderful and I am so thankful that I was a part of it.

Polar Bears and 2nd Graders!

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Today the 2nd graders and I tuned into the Tundra Connection with Discovery’s own Lance Rougeux. It was amazing! It was 11 am our time, which meant we were supposed to go to lunch in 20 min. When 11:20 arrived the children opted to eat in the classroom and continue watching the Webcast. They were attentive throughout the entire program and loved seeing a live Polar Bear on the ice. They learned a great deal and we will be blogging about it on our classroom blog.

Here are some of the things the 2nd graders learned today during our “working lunch”.

When polar bears get old, their claws turn white.
Some of the older polar bears had scars on their noses from fights with other bears.
Polar bears lose their teeth in fights too. One polar bear had a tooth that fell out, and it got infected and the infection spread to his nose.
Polar bears eat only the skin and fat from a seal. They do not want to eat the protein because it makes them need water and water to drink is hard to get in the Arctic.
The mother bear was 800 pounds when she was expecting her babies.
Polar bears cannot live anywhere else, not even Pennsylvania!
That is why we have to work hard to save the environment and slow Global Warming.
We have to recycle, reuse and reduce.
We need to save energy by turning off TV’s and lights when we do not need them.
We should lower the heat and wear a sweater.

Tomorrow we will take the Polar Bear quiz and see what else we know about Polar Bears.

Thank you DEN, Lance and Polar Bears International. This was amazing!