DENSI2012 = Awesome!

I am having a great time networking and learning at the Discovery Educator Summer Institute in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. The view from my dorm room is spectacular. What a great way to begin each day.

I am thrilled to be among so many amazing educators and am a bit star struck. Many of these people are my Tech Idols and it is great to be learning from and with them. Luckily it is okay to ask for autographs as we are signing each others’  Trading Cards and DENgo sheets.


We had a great time visiting Yellowstone on Sunday. I have never been to Yellowstone, or this far West before. The High Altitude does take some getting used to – I need to stay hydrated and running in the mountains leaves me pretty winded. Yellowstone was beautiful. We saw hot springs, and geysers and a buffalo. Old Faithful did not disappoint and we were able to see her blow her top twice during our visit.


Our first day of sessions was packed with great speakers and I am still sorting through all I learned. I very much enjoyed Karen Ogen’s session and made my first Popplet with her help. I used my pictures from Yellowstone in the Popplet and found it such an easy tool to use. I can see my second graders having no trouble at all learn this tool and start creating. (See Popplet Below.)

This evening I participated in my first ever DEN-mazing Race. I had a great time as did everyone else. Porter Palmer did a fantastic job putting it all together. I enjoyed working with my team, and getting the help of other teams along the way. All of the events were fun (easy for me to say as I did not have to put the horse head on) and not too difficult.

I am happy to be here and look forward to more great days of learning.


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