What’s in the Bag?

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Embracing the Maker Movement and encouraging Creativity, I have created a Website,http://classcreate.weebly.com to share projects and other ideas. Our first idea, “What’s in the Bag?” gave students a brown bag with an assortment of items. They were tasked with creating something with the items in the bag (and the bag could be used as well) and three additional items from home. They were to bring the creation back to school to share with the class. The creations were amazing and all very different. I was thrilled and amazed with what the children came up with. I can’t wait to try this again!

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DENSI2014 Maker Faire

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The first DEN Maker Faire was a huge success. A big thank you goes to Kristy Vincent for all of her planning. A great number of DEN STARS brought many amazing and different craft/maker projects to share. There were MANY highlights. Here are just a few –