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Great Citizen Science Projects

June 16th, 2013 · 1 Comment · Environment, Project, Teacher Ideas

I was checking out various links in the NESTA newsletter and came upon a couple of great resources for everyone (teacher, parent and student). These are projects that can be done outside school and during the summer.

First one I came across was a website that gives some good resources on different projects throughout the world. I would just make sure I check on the validity of the project. Otherwise it makes for a great site, its called SciStarter

Next on the list which scistarter lists in it’s activities was Project Bud Burst, which I think many people might know about.


Some great ideas for the summer, maybe a way of keeping your students interested in a little science for the summer.

One other resource I found the NESTA that was interesting and to other links (can never keep up with all this once I get started). The Adventures of Geo | Able to Leap Your Imagination Over Tall Mountains In A Single Bound. This looks like a neat tool. It’s a comic book written by a geologists and her husband (comic book writer). The comic book talks about plate tectonics. Looks really cool for kids. Also look at the “other links” tab for other comic book resources.

By clicking one link in the NESTA newsletter, I obtained about 10 resources thanks NESTA!


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