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June 2012

What a year it has been for the Digital Video Classes. We did not do Lip Dub this year, I think this was because of time. We did do a great deal of school projects, all of them appear on the school website or our new youtube channel.  Check out the Admission Video and Media Video, both we completed by Digital Video II Students. We also had two big events, actually three, during the year Groundbreaking for the New Building, the New Cathedral, and Father Price Basketball Game. All done by members of the class. You can see all the videos on our youtube channel.  Also on the channel are Building the Vision Videos by Josh Teder, a former Digital Video Student. He is doing an awesome job!

On another note we are preparing to host our firs Media Boot Camp at school. We will be collaborating with Yearbook and Journalism during the camp. Students are going to get a crash course in everything they will need to know for upcoming year.  The camp will take place August 7, 8, and 9th ending with a slideshow of students works and a parent dinner.  Can’t wait to teach the students some new techniques for next year. We are also inviting our Video/Broadcast members.  I’ve already been thinking about what I want the students to know before they begin the year.  I’m using Videomaker website as a starting point for students. They have posted some really good articles on camera work. One of the articles I think really is good talks about Hand-held Shooting. Definitely using these articles as teaching tools for next year. Hopefully next year we will have our Lib Dub video again. We shall see. I hope to blog about our camp, so keep an eye out.

As I look back on this blog I haven’t written an entry since Sept. 2011 and ton has changed. We did do live broadcasting of sports this year. We also broadcasted the Groundbreaking Ceremony live, you can find some of our live broadcasts at ezstream . Some broadcasts you have to sign into the School Website to view. The exciting part about this is the collaboration between journalism and Digital Video.  Also we just purchased a new video switcher. I would have bought the Newtek Tricaster Studio, however it only does Standard Definition.  The future is HD and for the price, I would rather wait and purchase something with HD. We hope to do this in the future and purchase a Tricaster that does HD. Meanwhile we went with the Blackmagic ATEM 1, which was 1/2 the price and work with HD cameras. So the year is going bring some new things for the Digital Video Class and I will continue learn as we go!!!


We started I live broadcasting this week. It went really well the two students who did the broadcast did a great job. We are hoping that we can do this weeks football game on Friday live. I was reminded by the students that we need to invest later on down the road in a video switcher. It would be awesome if we could switch cameras and do some form of replay etc. I’ve been discussing this with our administration, after reviewing some of the equipment available, we might go with a router switcher. This would allow us to switch cameras at least during broadcasting. Its something we have to think about. As we improve our equipment, I find we want to improve everything.

On another note we edited our First Run video and it looks great! Check it out at First Run on our schooltube channel.

August Post

This page will host a blog that discusses topics that pertain to Digital Video classes at Cardinal Gibbons High School. Feel Free to contact me with any questions about this class and their work.


I’m entering my second year with digital video and I’m excited about this year. We may have less students taking the class. But I think we are have  a bunch of creative students. I have three students coming back from last year who will be doing some advance editing and filming.

I never thought this would become a class, but it has its appeal. Plus the students who can’t take the course, have the option to work in the video club.  Check out some of the student’s work at our school tube channel- Cardinal Gibbons Channel or check out our media page at our school web page .

The class did an awesome job last year, especially with their documentaries. This was the first time some of the students did any kind of filming and editing on their own. And of course with the Lip Dub video. I think this will probably be most memorable project my seniors were involved with. The students returning have already started discussing what they want to do for the Lip Dub project this year. We will hopefully start the year with a Media Boot Camp. Since this was a last minute, it will only be a day. We are still working on the details.

New Technology

The Digital Video class has allowed me an opportunity to integrate technology into my science classes also. This year we are hoping to have students create their lab reports using video. I am in the process of creating a rubric. This year will be a test run. There are many articles/blogs about using video for lab reports, one of them is Make Your Students Mythbusters with Video Lab Reports. The author gives some really good suggestions on how to get started. Another topic I have read a great deal about is using blogs as journals for students. I’m still investigating this technique because it seems a bit new to me. Look for future posts on both topics.

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