Robin Martin

Many DEN groups are using the FREE web application, for event registrations, gathering information about who is coming to an event. You may use it for short contests as well, “Send the answer to this question in the next 24 hours…”

After you log in you will see a list of forms that have been created by others. You should duplicate and change name of form and you can customize it to your needs. You should delete documents when finished because the whole country of DENLCs will be using Wufoo for their events too. It will get crowded with everyone’s events here.

In the data, you can add/delete information. When creating a form, be aware of what you want to call the form because it directly relates to the URL which is created. You can embed this form into your blog to collect information/registrations. You can export the data to that it is live and other members of the LC can see the registration information. This is important because you want to tailor your PD to the attendees. If you have 11 HS Chemistry teachers registered, you don’t want to present sessions on 3rd grade language arts.

Notifications can be sent if you check and set up the information. The notifications can be sent text, email or RSS feed. Have one person as the receiver of information. You can take the code and embed it into your blog. And finally, make sure you uncheck the Enable Payment box in the upper right corner.

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