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Robin Martin

I didn’t know there was such a critter as the sea butterfly? Or that in 40 years seafood would be off the menu. How about underwater gardening? All of this and more can be viewed on the Discovery Show “Wild Pacific”. Not only is it filled with facts and critters you have never heard of, but the filming is extraordinary! It has been on for hours and to me one of the most interesting segments was the one on “How they filmed Wild Pacific”. Not only can this show be used to show science facts and study of oceans, but it can be viewed as a critique for film making. Obviously we can’t take our students to Fiji to film sharks eating the Albatross that floats on the sea, but the description of filming techniques was really moving. By the way, the underwater garden was a beautiful display of coral growing on special tables. They are replanted into areas that need a boost. This in-turn makes the reef healthier for the life-cycle of the sea. Look for this on the DiscoveryChannel. Not sure if it will make it to the streaming library, seems like it would be a great DVD for sale.